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Friday, November 06, 2015

Invest 93L in the GOM & 40% Chances on Orange Circle to Bring Rain to PR

Current state of affairs in the tropics.
Let's begin with the system in the GOM.
It has a designated floater..and Invest.

Invest 93L has formed in the GOM.
The yellow circle to the West in the GOM

Bigger view is what I prefer especially with a system that's not there yet.

You can see where it's coming together.
Or trying.
Nice twist. Curvature.
Cold Front blowing off steam to it's NW.

Models below.

Nice to have a floater but it will be better in a few days.

Hard to really get going and only is given a 20% chance.
That's mostly because of the proximity of the cold front.

Further East the system has a 40% chance down the road.

You can see why this could be a named sort of problem in a few days.
40% chances of forming currently.
This should be a huge rainmaker for PR ..
Again those drought busters keep showing up.

Much depends on the front and if it indeed forms.

I'll be back tomorrow.

I've been a little under the weather today...
... and so wasn't online much but watching.
Getting over a cold... 

Keep watching and stay tuned to ..

For all your looping pleasure ;)

Besos Bobbistorm 
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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