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Monday, November 02, 2015

Old Front Not Likely to Develop. Cane Warnings Were Posted in Raleigh Saturday Night... Duke Should Have Tried Harder..

Going to write a short blog on the tropics today. November 2nd, 20015 is still a part of the Hurricane Season even though most people feel the season is over. I'm old school and it's over on November 30th and that's a whole month away.

There's an old wave that flares up near the islands as well as BOC.
Some people are still watching the tropics...


Keep watching, why not you have something better to do?

There has been some talk on moisture lingering at the base of an old front down in the Gulf of Mexico... or Bay of Campeache or ... Caribbean. It's a long front that was stretched thin. Often minuscule systems form and catch every one's attention. Everyone, being anyone who isn't living up north waiting for it to snow. I'd be a little more excited if the purple swatch was over the spot where the convection is in the BOC but either way it has the smallest chance of developing...

You can see the loop here putting it all into animation, movement and motion.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

What is worth watching is the moisture feed NE into the Deep South.
We had rain all day in Raleigh that was not cold rain.
Almost warm rain and that's odd for November.
But look where it came from... 
Well the rain came from the clouds above us.. 
But the moisture fed it from the GOM.
One reason, by the way, that the Great Smoky Mtns look the way they do.

Something to think on...

See? Now you learned something new about the color blue.

Tornado Outbreak, Flash Flood Watches.
Earthquake in Arizona (small ones but still)

Seems like even though it's quiet in the tropics...
Mother Nature is on the rampage.

There's a hole in the ground opening up in Wyoming?

18 Confirmed tornadoes since Friday ..
.. mostly in the South.

Weather is always happening.

So know it's not over til it's over.

And speaking of "over" the UM Duke game is over.
Miami won! Hurricanes won ;)  !!!!!!!!

That's 8 exclamation points for 8 lateral passes...
...that led to a free for all before it was over.

And in Raleigh everyone is complaining. 
He was down...  or did the ball get thrown before he was down?
They did review the play. 
A win is a win is a beautiful win.
Know to begin with Duke fans complain about playing UM always.
A lot of negativity about the UM players with the old Convict U lies....
Or is it just Duke thinks they are too all that to have to play UM?

Understand what annoys me is this....

Duke lost the game because they did not win.
Duke did not put the game away early.
They had a great come back but it was too little too late.
And most of all they lost because they had the chance ...
EIGHT TIMES to tackle which ever player was throwing the ball.
Usually when a team tries this it ends fast... someone is tackled.
Game over.
Duke had EIGHT CHANCES to stop the game.
Eight missed tackles is how I see it.

Now they are complaining about the officiating.

Note not only were players on the ground from both teams..
But some of the referees looked like they were going to lose it.
A lot of panting and shock and exhaustion on the field.
Yet UM did not give up. 

Great to see Elder take off...
Looked like Sebastian the Ibis was on the field leading him to the win ;)
Good play by play.

Players gonna play, play, play, play, play
So haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate.. 

Shake it off !!

Gotta give that new interim coach credit..
He seems to inspire his players...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... There was a Cane Warning in Raleigh Saturday Night ;)


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