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Monday, November 23, 2015

Falling Into Winter. Hurricane Season Ending Soon... Nov 30th...

A very short post here.
More a pictorial essay.

It's not one front but the reinforcing front that's note worthy..
Look at those cold air clouds off the East Coast.
Really very cold across a good part of Hurricane Country.

Carolinas.. Virginia... Mid Atlantic.. NYC wow it's cold.

Only a few leaves left on the trees.
They stand out magically.

Sunshine shows them off.....

Today was that sort of day.

Caught this pic while walking today.
Winter is ominously here.

Sunday Night the sunset was purple and pink.
Crazy... most of my NY feed was filled with pics of the unusual sunset.

Real pic filter used.
Walked out of 770 in Crown Heights and WOW..

Tonight the colors were gone....
...though I did catch a moon in the sky at sunset.

Miami was sad with the death of my sister-in-law.
New York was exciting with the birth of a grandson.
Time to go home to where ever home is these days.
I get confused for obvious reasons.
I travel a lot.

But you know...the sun always rises.
The moon always rises...
Sometimes you can see it...
..sometimes you can't.

To quote a friend...
"Life goes on..."

Besos Bobbistorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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