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Friday, June 12, 2015

Yellow Circle Near the Yucatan. Will This Be a Texas Storm? Keep watching..

This is NOT a TEST

There really is a Yellow Circle on the NHC Page.

Note before there was a yellow blob...
...there was a purple one... 
Has been a purple splotch there for days..

Really pretty par for the course.

Every season even weak seasons have a Tex Mex threat in June.

It's been tropically juicy down there all week.

Any area of convection that lingers need to be watched.

The NHC is watching because the models are talking.


Model #2

Beginning to feel like Deja Vu

Anyway they are showing a lot of LOWS on the map

I circled the LOWS with red... 
You get the idea.

Another thing I want to focus on above is...
the orientation of the High Pressure.

IF anything makes it across the Atlantic..
Bucking the El Nino Head Winds.. 
It could get interesting...

There is abundant heat in the GOM 

Both these sites are on

As are the satellite images and loops.
As are the models.

I'm a little worried about Texas.
When you got got it!
And the could be getting more of it.

Might not be much.
Might not get the name Bill. IS something to watch.

Remember we are watching the YUCATAN
Do NOT look at the Elephant in the GOM

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

Time will tell.

Which way will it go?

IF it forms....

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Easy money is on the Tex Mex solution 
It is possible it would go towards the Houston area.
The whole Sabine River area is a concern for me this season.

It all depends on where the center of circulation forms.
IF it forms.

Besos Bobbi Storm

Ps... I'll update as the models let us know if they love it tomorrow...

Either way... 

The 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season is ALIVE

And the waves keep on rolling...

Despite all of the negative press... 

(A Facebook test says I grew up in the 80s.. 
...obviously in LA)


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