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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snowing Heavy in Raleigh...Thundersnow. . . Snow, Sleet Dancing an Apache Dance

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Note this post was written at 2 AM...
Updated totals 6 feet at my house.
As forecast by my own personal meteorologist.
One of the best..

Read on and I'll update later today.
Lots of power outages.
Stay warm. Take pics.

* * * 

This loop shows the story.
Look at how fast this system is moving.
Light & Dark... 
Wet & Dry
The real 50 shades of grey

No I can't sleep.
The snow is coming down steady and heavy in Raleigh.
The trees are covered, weighed down in heavy white snow...

It looks like this outside..if you are crazy enough to go look at 2 AM.
Easier chasing a hurricane trust me, less layers... 
And, the snow is really cold... melts on your hair 

Note the snow is nearing the top of the step.
I didn't want to wake my husband... 
Not sure where he put the ruler..
I used his backscratcher :) 
with a pencil.
Then I measured it against my phone... 
4.5 inches of snow exactly... so far.

Hey you got to be resourceful at 2AM

So it's like this for you tropical folks...

There is a snow line 
(think dry line.)

And, where it sets up explains a lot about what you get..
Snow, sleet or wintry mix.

This is the "line" hovering over Raleigh

Above and below defines what you are getting. snow is quiet 
Sleet has a rap music.

This system is moving fast... 
And, the "line" is doing a dance back & forth
A Texas Two Step
Or an Apache Dance... 

Nice view from the Canadian of the snow/sleet storm

Note in the North Atlantic... near Iceland
There is a storm with hurricane force winds 

As the ship captain in Seattle reminded me
Hurricane is a wind speed description.
Not just a named Tropical Entity.

Sipping tea.. listening to an old weather radio.
(soothes my old school soul)
Listening to the feed on

Listening to the beat of the sleet like someone is tap dancing out there.

Oh and there was thundersnow also... 
Earlier, just before the transition to sleet.
Whole sky lit up with a flash.. distant rumble
Cray Cray

I miss the hurricane season.
I miss my hurricane friends
I miss my hurricane chasers

It's late February I'll take any real weather I can get ;)

Sweet Tropical Dreams

Ps Wind Chill of 22 degrees ...
Windier but a lot warmer in a hurricane...
Note... in the time it took to write this..
We had close to another inch... over 5 inches here..


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