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Friday, October 31, 2014

Winter Weather Steals the Headlines on Halloween 2014


CONUS_GFS0P5_SFC_ACCUM-SNOW_120HR.gif (1180×770)

5 Day Snow Forecast...Winter Weather Map

Winter Hijacked my Tropical Update on TWC this morning despite this map...

In reality it's not over til it's over... but at the moment the tropics are quiet.

In Raleigh (Piedmont part of North Carolina...which means neither here nor there..)

Fall color is at peak ... get it today before the rain brings the leaves down on Saturday.

That's a REAL picture with NO FILTER. 
Train tracks in Cary on the way to the new Publix that just opened up.
It's like Hanukkah came early this year..and I'm redecorating my kitchen in Publix Green.

No my name is not Cary but if your name is Cary or even Corey you might get away with it... 
Cary is part of the RDU area.. R for Raleigh 
A little bit of Florida sunshine came to North Carolina this week.

(that says 32 in Raleigh late Saturday Night)

Note... a bit of Wisconsin winter is coming on Saturday.
You will find me AT HOME ... bundled up on Shabbos reading, relaxing & staying warm.

Yes Virginia winter is coming South early this year.. 

So if you haven't made your fall pilgrimage to places like Asheville and put it off til Halloween.. may see old Jack O Lantern dressed up with snow flakes.. 
See the sad snowflake?  Well it's sad unless your nuts for snow!

And, again you can find all your winter links down towards the bottom of

And, if you are in Asheville... enjoy Jack's Tavern aka
Jack of the Wood ;)

Besos Bobbi
Ps . . . Stay warm.


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