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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

UNMANNED NASA ROCKET EXPLODES AT LIFTOFF IN VA. Hanna loops? Carib Invest Getting Stronger

Models for BOTH systems are shown here ...taken from main page at

Note there is a massive cold front going down so far into Florida that people are currently digging through their closets looking for their boots and coats.

SPC Products Overview
You can see dry air moving into the Atlantic.. surge of tropical moisture in the Atlantic. An attempt can be seen where the wave is trying to get a roll going. Some rudimentary signs of rotation.

latest72hrs.gif (857×405)

This is a strong, set pattern. Note there is a wave behind it, a 3rd area, being watched.

Note the area in the Atlantic near the islands has a higher chance of development than the remnants of Hanna. Not to count Hanna out, just going to discuss this new system first. Then Hanna. And, then the big news story of the night is complete failure of a rocket at lift off carrying supplies and experiments to the International Space Station. Oddly, at the same time of the accident there was a report that suspicious computer activity was going on at the White House. Crazy night or news and imagine there will be quite a few conspiracy theories by the time I finish typing this blog.

"Suspicious cyber activity" after several threats that were made towards the White House computers.  They took some of the networks down and are investigating.

On a separate note there has been a steady stream of huge helicopters going over my house in Raleigh towards the National Guard Facility. Also a lot of contrails unraveling along their route. Sounds nuts, but trust me looked nuttier when I was watching earlier today... several times.

Seems a crazy news day. Crazy and costly.

Ignore the large westbound wave in the bottom right where I know your eyes will go and look at the system just before the islands in the Atlantic.

ft-animated.gif (1120×480)

Note weather was not a problem for tonight's launch.
avn-l.jpg (720×480)

This is an area I'm becoming familiar with as sometimes on the way back from NY we take the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The Whallop Island launch pad is just south of the Maryland state line in VA.

Weather people everywhere are scanning sites looking for data. Many interesting views online.
"“As far as we know, all personnel are accounted for and every one's ok,” a spokesperson for the local sheriff's office told Reuters. "

Note that it's really too early to be 100% sure what is on the ground and that no one was injured. Hoping that information is correct, but it's a developing situation. Also, it's very probable that the launch pad are suffered catastrophic damage. The rocket went up and then 5 seconds in it looked like the engines stopped .... it tilted a drop and immediate fell down and exploded. Boom. Crazy, sad loss of work, time and money.

One slight blip occurred immediately after the rocket failure as the live feed heard by many was heard to be instructing the workers there NOT to talk to the press or anyone.

"“Definitely do not talk to the press,” a speaker could be heard stating on a live NASA feed after the incident. The speaker urged workers at the site to refrain from speculating over the cause of the crash."

And, it seems there was crypton equipment (whatever that means) on board and the site has high security.

Another helicopter just went over the house. Beginning to feel like I'm living in LA here. Never heard so many helicopters in one night.

Been a hard few days for me. A woman I've been close friends with since 1976 was in hospice the last few days. We were best friends. Our kids have been best friends. Our grandchildren are best friends. One big family. Chabad is a lot like that. In the span of a week ..she was diagnosed and went home with hospice and died. It's a hole in my heart that is hard to fix.. we shared many family events, she was always there for my kids when they were in Crown Heights which is often. Several had the key to her house.

So...sorry can't say much more tonight. Hanna may act up and do the unpredictable. IF something forms in the Atlantic the East Coast will be protected by the cold front that is forecast to bring snow flakes to parts of the NE and even higher elevations of the Appalachians possibly on Halloween. There could be however some sort of quasi large storm structure in the Atlantic as the tropical system mixes with the cold front.

So... just keep watching. I'll be back tomorrow.

As for the rocket explosion there is a press conference at 9PM


Besos Bobbi

Ps.. our grandson's enjoying treats together... 3 generations of hanging out together... her grandson is on the left with blonde hair ...


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