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Thursday, January 17, 2013

SNOW in North Carolina... RDU Has Some AM Flights Cancelled... Stay tuned...

Snow began falling earlier this evening, thick heavy snow ...and then some rain...and then a mix of snow and rain. I think this is what they call "wintry mix" right now..

Bit by bit... branch by branch... sweet kiss of snow..

Notice the flip and now the cold cloak of winter is in the East..

Out by Boone they are having a predictable snow ... 8 inches so far as a friend took a picture.

A 39 mph gust was recorded at RDU airport ..around the time I heard the wind howling. 

6,000 people are without power in the area...4,000 in Durham and 2,000 in Raleigh. Trees went down in the earlier wind... 

Only the morning will tell the real story and we'll see how many places got ground coverage vs a dusting.... but I'm happy for a variety of reasons.

Because... I love snow. And, a lot of others love snow..and tonight Christmas came late for a lot of kids who are out on their decks and praying that when they wake up the snow will still be there...  covering the ground in a magical blanket that only falls once in a rare while in Raleigh. 

Love it. Absolutely love it! Look at that happy child :) the way... Delta has canceled six early morning flights out of RDU so you may want to go online and check if you know someone flying in or out of North Carolina tomorrow morning.

For a little scientific, local meteorologist... here's Greg Fishel explainin'

I love it. 

It's easy to explain it all in scientific terms... but to me it's just magical. 

The quiet beauty of change... of everything going suddenly white... the quiet snow falling gently down covering the ground. The branches getting beaded pearls on them that shine and glimmer in the street light.. The scent of snow in the air... The simple beauty of a smile breaking out across your face the way you smile when your lover gently reaches out and says hello and you stare up into two of the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen as he stares down at you...   that's how I feel.  Weather is a living entity to people like me. We "feel" it in different ways than others who go out their night doing crossword puzzles or cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry without the need to watch each flake fall down one after another, covering the branches of crape myrtle and transforming them into something other than what they are normally. Gone are the brown, dead looking twigs that winter usually brings. 

Oh...and there's "thundersnow" being heard here and there around the Triangle. I didn't see it .. but I think I heard it.

A good site online on Facebook to watch for snow in Eastern Carolina...or the Piedmont area..

The borderlands of NC and VA are really getting high snow totals tonight.

Enjoy it if you got it. Be thankful. 

Going to go watch it come down and smile like a child... 

Sweet Snowy Dreams



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