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Thursday, January 17, 2013

IAGO and SNOW.... Appalachian Snow Storm & the Piedmont Crescent

That's basically what this is becoming... it seems to be following the Appalachian Trail until it veers right and slams into Raleigh, NC and Richmond, VA.

This is a radar image from earlier in the day when Alabama was getting slammed by Winter Weather.

Currently the image of the radar is:

And, now the storm is moving into the area also known as the Piedmont Crescent

File:Piedmont crescent map.png

And, it has begun... events in Raleigh are rapidly being cancelled for this evening... 

Note this Astrology Panel was to meet at the Dancing Moon Book Shop tonight to discuss what might be happening in the coming year. Seems they never saw the snow storm coming ;)

Nice to know those at the Book Store watch TWC ;)

"NTA 2013 Panel RESCHEDULED due to IAGO 1 -25-2013" was the heading on the email......................    nice...

Durham County schools are already closed tomorrow...  Wake County is debating the situation. Obviously waiting to really SEE the snow. 

By me.. I figure when I stop hearing the "rain" I'll know someone is going on...

I am a little worried about the ground saturation from all the rain causing problems with trees which could topple or if the weather gets too cold could cause ice in high elevations.. This is a WET, QUICK 
moving system and it is moving INTO the Triangle Area after dark when the temperatures are colder than they were earlier in the day when the snow was falling in Birmingham.

It's windy outside, getting gusty... something is happening... I want snow so bad... I feel like I am about five years old again... 

It's called "frontogenesis" or known as "SNOW FORCING" and you have a contrast with a circulation that can create a strong band forms and then more bands form... where and when is the question.

So... keep watching :)

The stores are packed with people buying food for the storm. Really? People really do panic in Raleigh 
the moment they hear snow is coming... any snow... four snow flakes and they run for the hills with a 
loaf of bread and a jug of milk... Honest.  People were picking up firewood at Whole Foods and they brought all the firewood out as they put their plants away earlier in the day.

Greg Fishel is the bottom line around these parts on any chance of snow or hurricane. 

The ground is warm, the snow is wet and depending on how fast it falls... is what we get.

So.. I'll be back to wax poetic on snow when I see it... 

Been wearing my snowflake charm necklace trying to wish it in....

Besos Bobbi

Sweet Snowy Dreams ;)

Ps.... super duper bonus for everyone here...

You really should watch .... going viral.... 

underwater Chassidim singing...............  :)
real feel good song....


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