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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snow on Mt Shasta.... Hurricane Season Almost Over..

Mt. Shasta forecast... this was put up on Twitter by Reed Timmer. Cute how that rhymes...
Anyway.... he's right that's a snow forecast ;)
Daytime accumulations of 33 to 39 inches and that's just this afternoon...
I'm not sure I can easily in my head do the math on just how much snow that is by

To put this into perspective. Mt Shasta is up in the Cascade Mountains of California... this is the image on Google and that is snow from their link... not a haarp ring ;)

Mt. Shasta has great history and there is so much to read about have to pick your priorities. 
New Age types have this whole crystal thing with Mt. Shasta. It's one of those places ...

Picture here comes from the link below, check out that link it has some great places to stay nearby.

It is rather high up and used to having snow on it. I mean it's Google Image looks like marshmallow running down the sides of a chocolate cake...

Great link with tons of history...

Officially it's a stratovolcano but let's not mess up the romance with scientific fact here ;)

As for the tropics tonight... my friend Phil put this up on Facebook... he does such a great job with words and images. Check him out... Says it all

Check out Phil on Twitter or Facebook... he posts images like this all the time as well as hard core weather discussion and analysis :)

So, that just about says it all. 

We never made it to We never made it to Valerie...

Oh well... 

Sweet Tropical Dreams... this Miami gal is gonna settle down and watch Burn Notice and am wishing I could see snow sometimes soon. I like snow. I like real weather. 

Besos Bobbi

Ps Can you imagine if during the days of the Donner Party they could look at a Weather App how they would feel when they were out there going west.... they never saw it coming..........  Give thanks for the National Weather Service ;)


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