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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Euro Goes to Florida... Debby still spinning in the Gulf, Misery Across Florida

So..............the much awaited European Model left the NHC at the altar... making the 5pm discussion out of the NHC very compelling.

Personally, love the way it moves the weakened center up towards the Piedmont of the Carolinas... funny but true. Well, it's just one know...

Meanwhile, others are weighing in...

Mike Seidel who is on location has a great pic on Twitter of the water from the Gulf spilling into the pool at a hotel up his way..........

The front is now being called a "strong front" on the local news... that may be wishcasting but you can see it being played out here:

Seems everyone right now possibly is in the "danger zone" so let's see what the NHC has to say about it's favorite model flying the coop.... <--- Danger Zone from Top Gun ;)

Besos Bobbi

[full basin map of tropical cyclone activity]


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