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Sunday, June 24, 2012

A better cone from the NHC:

Good News: They believe they have a better handle on her track... mostly N to NE.

Bad News: She's not forecast to go anywhere any time soon... I'll write on this later, but trust me the West Coast and Big Bend area... Port St. Joe, Panama City, Tampa north...cannot handle 3 more days of flooding rain, twisters, beach erosion...etc.  Let me explain it simply. Say you a leak appears in your roof during a bad downpour or a day or two of strong rain.. you try to fix it when you get around to it or as soon as you can figure out who to use and how to pay for it. After 3 days of nonstop rain there are going to be a big problem. Roads are out. A woman died in Lake Placid during a Twister and the Twisters will keep coming if Debby stays there until Wednesday?? which is what they are forecasting.

Odd News: She looks better on visible now than she has in days, slowly moisture is wrapping around her inner, anchored center of circulation.

Beginning to think she is going to spawn a second storm in the BOC. Being silly but, that's one long tail and tropical energy flowing into Debby's center far away and partially exposed. Strange storm.

It's all a "low confidence forecast" according to the NHC.

Hopefully...that model that wants to drag it across Florida is right... low confidence in anything right now.  Norcross seems to think she is drifting NE...   hope so, I trust him.

It is a wicked pleasure of sorts to lie in bed and listen to Bryan Norcross do his thing so excellently while talking to friends online...when I know so many people are suffering in NW and West Florida from the ongoing, barrage of nonstop intense storms training over the area. I'm enjoying it, in a way that only someone who watched Bryan Norcross cover the weather in Miami for years, including hanging on his every word in the middle of the dark night when Andrew made landfall just to my south and her winds slammed into my two story house making the building vibrate and groan.

Bryan Norcross... no one like him when it comes to explaining the models, the forecast, the Water Vapor Loop or the history of the models and the whys and wherefores of how it all comes together.

He is the best. Forget the rest.

His voice is calm, measured and strong while he searches for the right word to explain the intricacies of  meteorology in a way that never dumbs down the weather. He respects the weather, he respects the storm and he respects his viewers. Doesn't get much better than Bryan Norcross doing the weather.

And, I sit today in North Carolina, far from home and twenty years later listening to him as he speaks in Atlanta at The Weather Channel doing his thing... while I do my thing here and online at a few sites where you can find me on any given storm day.

Bryan then...

Bryan now....

 Bryan Norcross

Appreciate him.... listen to him... he is wise.

I was on the second floor of my old 1926 Roaring Twenties house on Miami Beach, and I could hear him...and I could hear the ocean a few blocks away over the roar, screaming wind.

Trust me, a lot easier to enjoy him from my bed, with my netbook on my lap while talking to friends online.

Stay safe...stay tuned... keep watching..

Besos Bobbi


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