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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

10N 38W -- Cape Verde Wave - Yellow Circle

This is the real thing...if it develops and if it hangs in there. So far, it's shown itself to be a very tough  wave working it's way further west than anyone thought it could.

A model last week showed it developing, honestly cannot remember which one as it was a long shot and the priority was Debby.

Priorities shift.

This is a priority, a wave worth watching.

Debby has been downgraded. After days of being a Debby downer, the forecasters finally got rid of her... at least for now. She could spin up and if so they will upgrade her back to a Tropical Storm.

This is the one to watch... is 2012 so bizarre that a Cape Verde Wave can develop the last week in June in the middle of the Atlantic. Not sure. But, if any wave can...this one might.

IF would beat Bertha's formation in 1996 which was historic and one of my most memorable hysterical moments on TWC when John Hope turned around to see they changed the graphics and suddenly there was a storm where there had been no dot on his "areas of hurricane formation chart" :)

Things change. Some years are different.

This is one of them....

Miami, Charleston, the Virgin Islands... everything west of this wave will be watching it very carefully IF it develops.

Keep watching.

Besos Bobbi
Ps..on a personal note. Am back in the gym at ballet/stretch classes working the barre and debating whether "wedgewood" is close enough to purple to pull this off for the wedding. Either that or can I really pull off a bright purple ball gown? Maybe... time will tell... am window shopping and watching the Cape Verde Wave.  And, thinking if the heat in the South really happens... it will warm up the waters off shore and then...well yes everything connects in my mind to tropical weather ;)


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