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Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting Closer . . .

You know the Hurricane Season is getting closer when my mind subconsciously hears "the storms coming off of Africa" while listening to the morning round up on TWC.

She said, "the storms coming off of Alabama" . . .

I turned, looked and felt really silly and then I giggled.

It's normal really when you consider the signs of summer passed us by a few weeks ago and it feels more like July than the middle of April. I heard a cricket last night...

Mind you, the middle of April means that the EPAC Hurricane Season is a month away as it begins on May 15th every year, a mere two weeks before the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

I know if you are an Atlantic Basin Babe that's like talking to a Southeast Conference girl about UCLA and Colorado. Seriously?

But, it is a sign in the tropics when things start bubbling off the west coast of Panama that things will be heating up on our side of the basin soon.

On a personal note, Passover has passed on. The house is semi-back together, my kids have hit the road and are either home or in travel mode today. It's quiet here. Very green, still a bit cool this morning but aiming for 84 degrees and the AC will be humming along with the humming birds.

Time to start freshening up my links to the Hurricane World beyond my circle of friends who talk hurricanes 24/7 all year round.

Updating new websites, watching wannabe websites that will show up very soon and checking out Apps on my various handheld toys.

Time for you to start thinking on your hurricane plans for the 2012 season and I would love to get some feedback on what you most enjoy.

A trip to the Outer Banks would be nice, before I head south back to Miami. Or some bank, financial or otherwise :) Myrtle Beach is usually my beach of choice round these parts. Let's see what the weather looks like later this week.

Hugs and kisses and hurricane thoughts as we move closer and closer to the Hurricane Season, even if we are entranced by the footage of the Twisters moving across Oklahoma.

In the world of weather weenies.... first comes Twister Season, then comes Hurricane Season. Chasers like to take turns as they chase the storms.

Besos Bobbi

Ps :) music link to enjoy


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