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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Far Atlantic Invest

Big Wide View:

Up close and personal:

Officially Invest 91L...far out in the Atlantic, going nowhere but stirring up the scenery and the powers that be have given it designation. Actually, most of the Atlantic seems to be the Invest. More extra-tropical than tropical but it's officially being watched.

Basically, that means we are allowed to talk on it, run some models and kick off the season a little bit early whispering speculative, sweet nothings into each other's ears...

Keep watching.

Models show it looping about in the far Atlantic.

Sort of looks a bit like Alfred Hitchcock doesn't it?

Watch its loop over the last few days:

Seriously, looks like it takes up half the Atlantic...

Keep watching.....

Besos Bobbi...watching the tropics even in April.... (told you we were getting closer...)


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