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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Models Agree on Irene Missing Florida... Aims at Carolinas

The data from the Gulfstream Jet last night helped the models put out better data that was more in agreement and it looks this morning like Florida gets to miss Irene however, the jury is still out on the Carolinas.

I still think this storm is more Floyd than Fran.

I still think until we see the turn take place and she moves north of our latitude or your latitude you don't turn your back on Irene and feel safe.

So... I'd keep watching in South Florida and South Carolina.

I think if it does make the predicated will keep on turning and only affect the Outer Banks if at all in North Carolina.

Am going to post later after 5 when we see what Irene has done today.

Mind you she is moving slow and she has a lot of running room.

Enjoy the ability to breathe a bit easier if you live in Florida today... go out, enjoy the weather and give thanks and hope it stays that way!

Cause you never really know as tropical weather is very fluid....

Greg Fishel in Raleigh is great and this is an excellent blog with good information for up the coast in the Carolinas and beyond.

Besos Bobbi

PS... I really LOVE the new wave off of Africa...but for now there are bigger fish to fry...


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