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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blizzards And Oil Spills. Any Connection?

We don't usually get frost this thick on wind shields in Miami....especially near the Ocean.

Day THREE of the SNOWSTORM in Brooklyn....

There is a theory being spoken on by many that this year's freaky winter temps as far south as Miami and the early winter that has crippled Europe could be connected to the Oil Spill in the Gulf.

It's easy to knock these theories as politically based or as "alarmists" and "crazy people" and yet in reality the science behind the theories is very sound and very sane.

More so there is a lot of data to support the theories.... satellite imagery of the Gulf Stream and the Loop Current show that there have been severe changes, unpredicted and not expected in the flow of the Loop Current. Those changes coincide with the oil spill and more than just the spill itself but the manner in which BP "cleaned up the spill" mainly the billions of tons of solvents that were dumped into the Gulf. Even BP admits that they were not sure of the long term effects, but they felt it was safe. If it had never been do we know?

What do we know ...for sure?

We know that the best scientists out there predicted it was very possible for the oil to get caught up in the Loop Current and land on beaches in the Florida Keys, South Florida and then the Carolinas before it veered off for the white cliffs of Dover. We hoped that would not happen... the loop current can be a little unpredictable and a bit loopy and nothing is ever a given.

Luckily..... that did not happen and the spill damage was "contained" to the once beautiful and pristine beaches of the North Florida Panhandle. In our celebrations we never really asked "why" and saw it as a gift we were happy to receive.

Now.... after the strongest series of early winter storms that have affected both Europe and the parts of the United States that are normally kept warm by the Gulf Stream.... we have to wonder if there is some correlation.

With the theories of "butterfly wings" everything that happens in one place can change things in a place further up stream. of the largest rivers on Planet Earth IS the Gulf Stream and you screw up one part of it and there is always some correlation to a change in another part. Hopefully, a short term change.

Some excellent arguments out there...

Mind you science is about theories being tested...

You don't have to like the messenger or his politics or where he delivers the message. You have to take the theory, look at it.. put it up on the shelf labeled "theories" and begin to test it... along with other theories.

All I know is that there was frost on the car in Miami this morning............ and we in Miami are not used to keeping things around to scrape off the thick layer of Frost. It was ten degrees colder in Coastal Carolina than it was in New York this morning. Snow fell on the beaches of Wilmington. My son in NY cannot get his four wheel drive more than four blocks. My daughter in Flatbush can't get to her car and another daughter in Crown Heights is unable to leave her basement easily.... Europe has been pounded relentlessly by historical storms all in one year...

Daughter's Car... buried... looks more like Chicago than Flatbush...

Something does not make sense, especially when you consider this is a "La Nina" winter and supposedly we are waiting for that flip to milder conditions in this region...

So...until we know reason is as good as another.

Where ever you are ....may you stay safe, warm, dry and keep a good sense of humor.

Besos Bobbi

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