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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

FL & SC to EARL ... Turn Baby Turn

Well I stole that from Chuck on the boards ;)

So true, been there. Floyd comes to mind... he came so, so close to Miami you could feel his hot, heavy breath on you at the ocean and you just had to believe he was going to turn... and he did. See Earl breathe....

Hope Earl is listening...hope he does not turn into the 44 storm, which I showed earlier and had a similar earlier storm out to sea.

Hope my kids in NY watch, because they told me the weathermen on TV all said the front catches him and take him out to sea with some weather out on Long Island. Thank you very much weathermen in NY...

As for me I am turning at the gym and will post more when I get back...

Some images and some important things to remember...oddly Fiona did not die last night, she has some kick in her..

Who do you believe? TWC hype? NY weathermen? NHC???

You know what it's like to live with a fire breathing dragon burning down your neck... I do

More later, keep on believing...

I pay attention to this and wind probs which are now over 50% for Cape Hatteras area. Boats cost a lot of money to buy and maintain, got to keep them out of danger

Besos Bobbi


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