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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eastern Atlantic Cape Verde Wave ... coming together afterall .. it seems

The next 24 hours are probably going to be the most important. Either it fizzles or sizzles... it comes together or fades away.

But, tonight for the first time in a while one area within the whole big wet area of combined waves and moisture has taken over and is looking like it might just be the center of a future ...down the road Danielle. NHC has a yellow circle over it with a 20% chance that should be upgraded.

This is just a heads up post, which will be followed tomorrow with more information on possible track and intensity... if it makes it through the night.

Another area to watch over the next few days is the area off of the SC/GA/FL coast. Something about the wave the moisture is coming off, the wv loop, the general flow of the wind patterns is making me think something could begin to slowly build in that area but would say it's a long shot. Still... it keeps calling to me, begging me to watch it, especially on the water vapor loop...

Nice area of moisture down in the Carib but it's mostly just rain.

Going to sleep... listening to the rain fall... watching loops and thinking on possibilities and wondering how accurate these models are as they are still calling for Danielle to form in the Far Atlantic... slower it takes to form the further west and lower the track stays..

Sweet Tropical Dreams,

ps... looks like we have a swimmer to me


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Love your stuff and read daily. Keep it up.


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