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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Fast Thoughts on Alex

This morning as of 5am he was still a hurricane inland, just recently downgraded to a 70 mph tropical storm, moving at a pretty fast clip and way inland. Pretty amazing how well he has stayed together. Currently, a large rain band is slamming Texas with strong rain, darker color than in Alex who still has a large, intense ball of deep convection and tropical storm force winds intact.

As for me... watching my youngest fly off to Postville or well... as close as you can get to Postville with a two hour car ride to town lol. Love it there in ways, but not making that trip right now.

Will update this afternoon after seeing how he is doing and damage reports.

Two waves may develop in the Carib/Gulf later this week... one in the oil mess area and one closer to where Alex did his breeding dance. And, a distant tropical wave dances out in the ocean.

Max sustained: 70 mph
Moving: W at 12 mph
Min pressure: 977 mb

Still got quite a pulse there...

Besos Bobbi

Where is Bonnie? That is the next question....


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