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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Start of the 2010 Hurricane Season Begins With A Caribbean Invest

The 2010 Hurricane Season begins with an ominous touch as the remnants of Agatha hover about in the Caribbean balancing on the tip of the Yucatan directly to the south of the largest Oil Spill ever in our history... an oil spill that is still pumping oil into the Gulf of Mexico while billion dollar companies try and come up with a viable plan to stop the spill.

Americans everywhere turn their eyes south today and wonder how a hurricane or even a slow moving tropical storm could affect the oil spill. It has been predicted that Dauphin Island will see oil on Monday if the current winds out of the South do not stop directing it their way.

Aside from the remnants of Agatha, a storm that has already taken over 100 lives in Central America...there is the possibility of a storm forming in the SW Carib and not crossing into the Pacific but moving north...

This time of year a storm in the Gulf can blow up fast and give little warning before affecting the Gulf Coast as they often form close in during the month of June and July and get pulled north by dangling cold fronts.

This year is going to be one mean, nasty year. All the ingredients are in place for a real Hurricane Stew that is brewing as we sit and watch the oil leak endlessly pump oil up into the now very polluted Gulf of Mexico.

Water everywhere is hot, wind shear is forecast to be light and a high pressure cell should be in place that will direct any storms forming east of 60 west to keep chugging west towards the Southeast Coast.

This is not a statement that is made lightly or to just get attention but to bring attention to a problem that even without the oil in the Gulf would be a problematic season at best.

And, when a major Newspaper in Hurricane Country does not even have a front page story on the start of the Hurricane Season...or a story on the front page of the Local Section about the Hurricane Season you have to wonder why people have false illusions to their safety during the Hurricane Season. I am in Raleigh today, the News and Observer could not even put a small story in the corner of the front page about today being the start of the Hurricane Season. Nothing... as if it did not exist. The hurricane season has been banished somewhere that they normally banish NFL football to... far down and out of sight. I have interviewed numerous people around these parts about Floyd and Fran and they all said they were taken by surprise ...that until it was on top of the city it was played down. This city freaks when one snow flake falls.... what would they do if pine trees start falling from the inland effects of a strong hurricane moving NW through the State? I cannot imagine.

As for Miami, my home town... no one takes hurricanes lightly though we love to talk about them. It is more than just the name of our sports team, it is the name of our worst enemy... After Andrew no one in Miami takes hurricanes lightly... after Wilma we remember that even a mild Category 1 storm can rock our world and knock us for a loop.

Where would the remnants of Agatha go if she developed again and became Alex? Look below and know that the NHC only gives it a 10% chance give or take right now.

Keep watching and keep stocking up on whatever your hurricane needs are ..... now is the time to take stock, stock up and lock up the hurricane supplies so that no one blows their weight watchers points on moon pies. Or... oh my is a new thought... buy healthy hurricane snacks ;) this time around.

Besos Bobbi


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