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Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2010 - Watching Western Carib

Still watching the system in the Pacific to see if it stays in the Pacific or it crosses over into the Carib.

Best place to view tropical weather info for the Carib is on

Very iffy, a real shot in the dark but not a shot I would like to choose right now. Most models take it west and away from our world. Consistently one brings in up closer towards Florida and the Gulf today than yesterday. One model loses it altogether.

Have a great weekend...choose a beach or a lake or a backyard pond or just sit in front of the computer or TV doing whatever you enjoy doing most.

Got a song stuck in my brain the last few days, wrong holiday but right song as the theme remains the same... let's hope that Memorial Day weekend is Independence Day for all of us and reminds us how good it is to be free from problems and the past and moving on to a bright future. Always keep moving forward...and freedom is not just another world but the key to Independence and the key to taking control of our lives on the personal and on the political side. We can be whoever and whatever we want to be.... we just have to go after it and not sit on the sidelines.

As Americans we have a rich history to be proud of and most of all this weekend is a day to be proud of those who stood up for others.

As for me....on the road again and writing....

Besos Bobbi


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