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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cool Nights, Filled With Memories and Thoughts...

Would call this Tropical Thursday except there isn't much tropical about this Thursday. It's cool in Miami this March... 60s, brrrr...sweater weather!

I'd wear boots but I sent my suede boots up to Carolina with my husband when he drove back a few days ago. I will there for Purim, a happy Jewish holiday where we party, enjoy life and live.

Living is the issue here.. living and living well. Enjoying every memory made, everything thought that takes us down a new path or just the sound of the train in the distance.

A little over a month ago a young man died who had barely aged and yet he lived life with gusto and passion and any other such word you can find in the thesaurus that would explain he squeezed as much life as he could out of his 19 years on this Planet Earth and left this place a better place for being in it. A few days ago his mother and brother catered my wedding. Well, that is what they do and they do it well.

At his Shloshim, an event we do after 30 days has passed...another one of his brothers spoke on his amazing life and ended his speech with "Seize the Day" and that phrase has been reverberating in my mind all the time of late. I have heard a few people say it recently.

We spend so much time in life regretting things we never did or fretting on the things we know we will never do and yet we forget to just enjoy the life we are living, the minutes, the simple pleasures, the birds soaring overhead or the wind blowing through the trees or the laughter of friends whose friendship knows no bounds.

It's a cool night, a beautiful night and I can't fall asleep as I have songs stuck in my head and I can't stop thinking. That's who I am .. ya know? yeah, you know. What don't cha know? I sure don't know.

Singing songs and rhymes in 3/4 time tonight.

Music is universal. It's like a good curry (which I discovered late in life after always denying I would ever like it... I found out I love it.. well mild curry anyways).. it has taste, flavor and it moves the spirit inside. A good song is a good song. I have a Rabbi friend who told me once he liked gospel music. Well, I have a lot of strange friends so this seemed normal to me. We wandered our way one day through a used book store in Key West that sells old CDs and tapes. He laughed with joy as he found a Sandi Patty tape he didn't have in his collection. I laughed, he wasn't kidding. He loves the way she sings of the Lord. Seems Jewish groups have yet been able to have a good English vocalist sing about God the way Carrie Underwood can or Sandi Patty can.

Well, we have some great male singers but it's complicated and not going to even try and explain but... just remembering a great walk through the streets of Key West that was like a walk out of another lifetime with lessons learned for this one.

So... posting a link to a Carrie song... at the end and posting a link to a great song with a great message... and a song by Michael W. Smith that is hauntingly beautiful and filled with a great message...

1... This is Your Time
2... Believe..

This is Your Time, This is My Time...This is Our Time... to live, to love, to laugh and to remember. A song for Cassie Bernall who was killed at Columbine who died way too young too...

So, next time you see a sunrise or a leaf fall down slowly onto the ground..savor every moment, give thanks ...for life, for love and for friendship..Seize the Day!

Serve the Lord With Joy...

And don't Forget to Remember Me..

Sweet Dreams..Bobbi


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