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Monday, February 16, 2009

On Vacation Today

So much to do and can't relax enough to do anything. Watching turkey buzzards glide high in the sky from my bedroom window. A grey, cloudy morning and the electronic moan of the garbage truck and the screech of it's brakes outside overwhelms the quiet of the morning.

Okay.. I just went outside to put the recycling bin by the curb. WHO TURNED ON THE AC OUT THERE? I wonder.. geez, when did that happen?

Been so busy with wedding preparations I forgot to watch TWC or check my sites or pay attention to the weather? It was so, so hot yesterday kids went on picnics and hung out. I was thinking of going swimming. You know how I hate shopping. I feel lost somewhere between Alice In Wonderland (eww) and the Witch, the Lion and the Wardrobe. Don't go through that mirror Bobbi, you might never get out? Who would be in there to play with though? And, would there be weather and wondering what kind?

Anyways... I am here, marking time or killing time.

66 degrees.

Where is my mind? Drifting away...

On vacation today...


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