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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oklahoma City Tornado Outbreak

Home today taking some migraine medicine and sipping some excellent coffee while watching the news a little.

Seems Oklahoma was not just in my blog but in the news yesterday. They had an intense, unusual outbreak of tornadoes in February which just goes to show you can't always rely on climo to know which way the wind will blow.

Yes, a lot of trailers torn apart but also high end million dollar, well built homes in Edmond as well so... this was the real thing as they say.

First time in a long time. Only two other similar tornadoes have occurred in the last 50 years.

People died, lives rearranged, homes destroyed. Weather... in your face, real and happening out on the Plains.. even if the wrong time of year.

Change is always around the corner, sometimes we know the timing in advance and other times not. A woman at work, Elaine.. gave me some advice a while back. She said change is always good, especially when you are the one initiating the change. She is right there...better by a wedding than having a tornado come down and destroy your town.

As for me.. the dress seems to be in good hands and the alterations are going well. Feel better about that. Now I have to figure out about a dozen more things in less days time.

Trying to figure out wedding pictures, don't think the weather will cooperate but maybe some outdoors tropical looking shots would be nice. At least I am not expecting to worry about hurricanes. I don't think ;)

Watching the clouds float by my window and going back to bed.

Link to an excellent short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald about a family caught in the wind. Free download, enjoy if you have the time, interest or desire to read a bit today. Family In The Wind.

Besos Bobbi this is what I call a wedding picture!


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