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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sick Today, So Much To Say... But Not Today

Home sick. Coughing. Possibly wheezing. Drinking so much tea... like I tell the kids. And Vitamin C and well you know the drill...

Crazy world today... talking to my brother in Greece.. his video of the riots from his balcony were posted on CNN. Well, they were peaceful riots originally and then it got crazier over night. He was at a Starbucks when they came through the center of the town earlier and began breaking up stores so they shut down the Starbucks and he went home. Then later it spread.

Suppose that's the end of holiday sales giving a bounce to the economy... so much for good cheer and good will to all..

Why do people do this? How much rage and anger can there be that people think it's normal to destroy other people's property, break store windows, destroy someone's lives. They say it's because of the death of a young child... wow, if people rioted in Miami when a child was killed they would have to rebuild Opa Locka :( Sad, how many innocent children die in America and everywhere. A young boy playing behind his house after a trip shopping to the Mall with his mother was killed before he could even use the blanket his mother bought him for a holiday trip.

This isn't about a young child's death.. it's about bottled up anger and a tradition in Greece of rioting when people are upset. They rioted when Clinton came... I remember that but it was on a smaller scale. My brother loves Greece, he will tell me it's normal, the university students do it... etc.. I work in a College, our students don't riot... they work hard to get good grades and to make a life in the world.

Why is there so much anger there? Where is the political process? Where are the police? It's going to get worse before it gets better I fear..

Either way he says he is okay but he's been noticeably quiet today... imagine he will come on later and update me. Last I saw he was sending links on the Fins..

And, the fins are inspirational. They won ONE game last year and barely that and this year they are 8-5... tied in first place. This is why people love sports, it's inspirational... it shows you what team work can accomplish, a new coach, a few new players, a new year... any given Sunday..

As for me.. I have to take some meds, drink and stay in bed.

Been a year since Harvey died, lit a candle last night for him. Kids stood around remembering someone who had been such a big part of our family, of our lives, of our circle... a year without Harvey. :(

Yet, every time I take ecchinaeca and goldenseal I will think of him.. and smile, before the bitterness of the goldenseal makes me go ewwww. Every cup of mint or chamomile tea. Every time I cross my legs I hear him say "uncross your legs" lol something about veins and my back and spine and oh well does it matter in the end? It mattered to Harvey. Think I am going to watch the CATS video that I bought but haven't been able to watch. And, I am going to try and get rid of this cold that Zalmy and Levi and Mendy all passed around the house.

And, smiling up at a black hat perched upon my bookcase waiting for it's owner to come back to town :)

Tea, honey... watch some weather loops.

Fires in Oklahoma... Twisters possible in Louisiana and the deep south..

Cool here, blue skies... possible bad weather later in the week. Perfect weather for me to drink tea, take herbal meds and possibly go out in search of Sambucol. the video from my brother Jay Schwartz and others online...and reading on riots from others in Greece worrying on the stores their friends own that may be burned down because of anger...

Anarchism... seriously, just riled up kids without a life and pissed off with the world and the status quo.. if you excuse my Greek. My advice.. Get A Life.. there are other ways to protest besides burning down innocent people's stores and the city..

If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.. violence begats more violence, anger begats anger...

But, then again I live in the U S of A.. not far away in Greece.. a place I always wanted to see but my brother Jay made his home.

Do a good deed today.. do it for Harvey, do it for the Holzberg's... do it for someone you love or just do it just because for no reason. You'll feel better for doing it.

Besos Bobbi

cough cough...

waiting for my black hat friend to come back from Carolina... with his yarmulke from FIU that Levi gave him ...



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