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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tropical Illusion or Tropical Activity? You decide...

Getting down into the last days of the real Hurricane season here.. the final stretch, the final 2 days or so before we move past October All Over and into the Realm of Freaky November Storms...

There is an area in the tropics that begs any real tracker to look at a satellite and wonder on why the NHC gave this even a 20% sort of weak chance. And, the reason is because it is there... it's got color, it's been consistent over the last few days and even shows signs of some odd twisting factor..

Conditions are not really favorable, winds are strong across the basin and last night they insisted on the Miami local weather that it was pulling north and that our temps were going to be falling into the low 50s. The fact that they mentioned it at all during an early October Cold Spell shows how impressive a wave it really is..

But.. cannot see how it can do much except exist which in some way is a minor victory in itself as it really shouldn't be there and yet it is...

Is it an illusion? A ghost? A possible weak storm developing? Or just rain making it's way across the Atlantic Tropical Basin?

You decide... You loop it and if you do and it's still visible on the loop you tell me how that keeps flaring up despite everything being thrown at it...

Every storm has it's hour...whether it has a name or it is just stormy weather, it develops, it exists and it dies. Every storm has it's hour and as of this hour the wave is still alive.

I ignored it last night because I was tired and frankly wanted to wax poetic on the cold front but got interrupted when my best friend Magda came over to share a bottle of Alfasi Pinot Noir and discuss.. life. Hey, best friends are best friends and we have much to discuss. Life is big you know? That's how we get through life and death and everything in between... a bottle of good wine and a whole lot of honest talk. Good red kosher wine. So.. no post last night, but since our area of possible tropical development is ...STILL there and STILL has some color I am going to post now and throw it out to you and let you decide.

Shame.. love the name Paloma. Would love some Halloween storm named Paloma. What would it be? A gypsy? A flamenco dancer? A dove? A dancer... a kitten?

Doesn't this just look perfectly Paloma?

Or is this Paloma? A kitten or the lady? Which is it?

Will there be a Paloma this year? Don't know. Can't say. Am not sure.. Something to ponder while listening to the music...


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