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Monday, October 27, 2008

Cold Front Moving Through... Tropical Development Look West? Alton Road Mess and Train Whistles In the Night...

Well... slight chance of something developing in the Epac but not sure if it will rain or spin... High in the Carib is pushing moisture west.. check it out

Cold front trying to move through South Florida. 72 degrees and winds out of the west...doesn't sound very tropical in Miami to me tonight.

I have the windows open, I can hear traffic far off in the distance on the expressway. Maybe.. if the wind shifts I can hear the train whistle blowing like I do in the winter.

Got a lot done today, not enough...

Went to Whole Foods.. which we used to call Wild Oats and got some Emergency Cs.. and a few things I was out of.. some tofu and delicious apples and waited by the Lakes of Alton Road for the S Bus..

I know they are working on the problem because they were set up by the sewers on the NW corner of the street with barricades. On my side of the block there was the swampy, bug infested marsh that has been there for weeks. Dry day, blue skies and yet the ground was still covered in month old water with things swimming in it and well... I imagine they have the dry season to get it fixed. Yes, I know the water was high this morning at high tide, my carpool friend mentioned it as we watched water oozing out through the mangroves onto Indian Creek again.

I know... I've mentioned this before but hey... doesn't standing water breed mosquitoes and create some sort of health concern if not just trashing up the neighborhood for the tourists?

Either way.. Wild Oats is gone and the new not so improved Whole Foods is not anywhere near as good. The coffee bar sucks these days..

So... back to the Starbucks on Lincoln Road I go.

It's officially a cold front.. Mendy, my 19 year old son just insisted I come outside with him and "feel how cold it is" before locking up the house. Yup, air moving in through my window... very cool.

As for Tropical Storms... there was one in Yemen this week.. just because it's not in our part of the world does not mean it's not storming somewhere else..

Story here... a very big tragedy unfolding and we have heard little of it on our side of the world as we worry on economics and the elections.

"SANA, Yemen - Flooding caused by a tropical storm has killed 90 people and displaced 20,000 others in southern Yemen, police and the World Food Program said Monday.

The WFP, which said 20,000 people were displaced, said it has been difficult to get aid to hard-hit Hadramut province because many roads were destroyed by floodwaters after Thursday's storm.

A police official said 90 people died and 24 farms were wrecked."

As for me.. I'm going to bed, back in Miami, back in my bed... back in my world.

Listen.. I Love L.A., I am a real Miami Girl.. but my boyfriend lives in North Carolina.. so ...what's a girl to do? Hmmmnnn?? Hey, he graduated from F.I.U. like me so ... go friggin' figure.. it's a small, small world and we are keeping it all connected on electronic beams that bind this bright beautiful new world we live in... on Planet Earth.

Check it out... another friend of mine from High School... the amazing Earthman..

(was good to see a few of my old friends living up there, nice to have a Coral Park Reunion even if.. we weren't in South Florida.. Go Rams!)

72 degrees ;) and going south... down into the upper 60s ;)

Night..Bobbi goodness..... I hear the train whistle blowing :)
Wow.. nothing like a train whistle blowing in the evening breeze..


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