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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay Still Stalled.....

She is actually meandering in little loops, up and down and all around but not going very far. It is as if she parked anchor and decided to get a Florida Pass to the Space Coast.

Short on time but suffice it to say there is something strange about Fay.

I have wondered several times on her satellite appearance yesterday and she looks to me more like a cut off Tropical Low than a Tropical Storm. She shows off well on radar yet reminds me of many a subtropical that stalled and hung around this same area. Andrea in 92 and several others. Years back there was a Tropical Depression with the unique name of TD4 that sat and swirled in this same spot, around and around it went with tight little banding visible only on the visible and radar. I remember it fondly.

So, what will Fay do? What will the NHC do? What will the residents of the Space Coast who could use boats better than rockets to navigate around their water logged neighborhoods?

Residents of Florida are singing the catchy tune,

Fay Fay Go Away
Don't Come Again Another Day!

I don't envy the residents and I don't envy the forecasters.

This seems to be the year of tenacious systems that once finally formed will not go away.

Hopefully Fay will not stay over Florida as long as Bertha played in the Atlantic.

Which really brings us to a bigger problem with lack of defined steering currents in that region this year especially as 94 is sitting out there pointing her possible paths our way.

You better hope it's a fish because Florida needs time to dry out from Fay before dealing with Gustav.


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