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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Red Sox And Proud To Show It ;)

Game ONE... We WON! :) I am in the land of palm trees and sunshine, moisture from the Caribbean is headed this way (unorganized due to unfavorable upper level winds) and the winds in California are dying down a bit allowing fire fighters to get a handle on the fires and allow people back in to see what is left (if anything) of their homes.

The Red Sox blasted off into outer space last night with a 13-1 lead over the other team with interesting black and white Raider like uniforms and a very cute pitcher. He had a hard night. He was cute though then again my youngest daughter still likes Josh Beckett's eyes from when he was a Marlin. The uniform changed but not his eyes ;)

So.... that's my life here as a single and smiling member of the Red Sox Nation. I wanted a bracelet. I STILL want the bracelet!! And, I deserve one ...hard earned too for all the love and attention and inspiration and long nights spent with crazy person watching the Red Sox and they still don't appreciate all the hours spent reading up on how the team formed, who the managers were, books from the library, websites, my gosh I took notes!!!

And, now I love them ..


Looking for someone normal in my life this time around, normal and accepting of my crazy love of weather and the Red Sox!

Love and kisses from sunny Miami.. Bobbi
ps.. no writers, artists, directors, actors need apply.. been there, done that... want hard working and normal :)
smiling, thanks for the shirts and hats though!
But.........gonna wear the pink one I bought myself for the next game ;) Gosh I love that store...


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