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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ERNESTO TIME.. Putting Away the Flying Missles...

fast round up here before I go clean up the house and hunker down .. which means I want to watch the local news coverage :)

The shelters are open and mostly it seems they are filled with local police and officials. Very few people there now but maybe after a few good bands people will go over.. Local high school, North Miami Beach High School specifically.

Most the people I met seemed to want to play it on the safe side, prepare for the worst but they aren't expecting much. Katrina last year IN MIAMI taught us that. When your 50 year old ficus tree that covers your whole yard lands on your broken barrel tile roof... suddenly you worry on Tropical Storms.

I did see one semi-drunk transient type who hangs outside around one of my local Walgreens warn the other one who was slightly. um... drunk... that a storm was coming. Very protective, very sweet actually. The guy walking by smiled, nodded...the lady who I know from the library where all the "locals" hang out told him to "be safe and stay inside" he nodded, and walked slowly away with his cane...she looked after him and had the look of concern and worry on her face before she climbed into her friend's broken pick up truck and lifted the few bottles of water she bought and what looked like an oversized flashlight. I worried a bit on her, I know her from the libary as I said... nice, sweet, lost lady.. hope she has someone to be with in the storm, possibly the older guy with the bandage on his arm who was driving the pick up truck. The world is made up of all kinds and not everyone has a safe house in the burbs with rolladen shutters.

I have.. a house in the burbs that has jalousie windows, no shutters and a blue roof, though it is not in that bad shape but.. there is a weak part and I hope it will be fine. The house has a safe place to go and I have brother and best friend a few blocks away.. 45 miles per hour and the house is fine.. but if you are the sweet old, drunken transient who walks with the cane, sits in the library and lives down by the rockpit (lake) with other homeless people.. it isn't so hard to hunker down.

People are out around their house picking up last minute things. Garbage cans, plants, anything that can be a flying missle in the one big squall that hits your block..

Most everyone I know has said the same thing to me.. over and over.. "I hope I don't have to go to work on Wednesday" lol...

Well... will see..

So far, I think the NHC has been on the money track wise.

My son Mendy went to his girlfriend's house...Casa.. and so we are down to two.. me and Zalmy who is 12 and Rivky who is 14. Maybe I will go to my brothers or maybe I will call my friend and go to her house.. we will see...

Everyone has done what they need to do from what I can see around the hood and ... we are all watching the news... the weather channel.. CNN and.. listening a bit to the weather radio. Yes I have enough batteries to keep watching when the power goes out... umm .. if..



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