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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ernesto a Dry Run for Florence? I was right on landfall..

So.. Shayna calls me from Philly and says she had thunderstorms nonstop, wild lightning, there are 5,000 people without power and there is street flooding everywhere..

She wanted to know if I had bad weather.

I hung up on her!

That kind of night.

Seriously, I should have stayed at the beach.

We had some rain, we had some wind. About what I expected though I thought we would have more wind in the squalls. Then again I thought we would get more squalls.

Annoyed I spent money for supplies I knew I wouldn't need but as a mother you have to realize you are setting an example for the kids for the future and if you want them to take storms seriously and prepare you have to show them you do. You can't say.. "no, I'm broke, it's the end of the month..we are just gonna wing it!"

So.. now I have supplies for Ernesto. We did eat the Heath Cookies for dinner as I never buy cookies or cake. With Coffee, unreal.. very good. Oh.. and I had a hard boiled egg with chili mustard sauce.

And, I am ending the evening with some mint tea with real Nona Leaves Israeli style. No, I am not Israeli, I am real Southern but.. I spend a lot of time in Israeli restaurants :)

So.. that is that.. having mint tea and talking to my hurricane buddy friend and..... going to call it a night.

Nice to be able to watch a storm coverage on TV and not in the dark on battery tv stuck with only local coverage.

Bonus part.. got the kids to clean up the house before the storm!

Meteorologically speaking..the storm has slowed down and is barely moving, changed directions and it is making the turn it seems. Now what?

Heard Jim Cantore was on South Beach tonight and was being asked things by locals he couldn't say on The Weather Channel. He said that would be for "another channel" and something about South Beach people take that "free country thing" real seriously. Hmmmm, one wonders what his fans are asking them or what they are asking him to autograph :)

Funny. I still wish Dave Schwartz (no relation or relationship) covered the storms. Bet Dave Schwartz down on South Beach or in Key West would be funny as hell.

Who shot the sheriff indeed lol.

From Miami... quiet tropical rain falling and small gusts flying by.. if you wanted real weather today you should have been in Philly trying to make Shayna feel better, she HATES thunderstorms.

Over and out.. from Miami.. and watching waves that may be Florence and come this way as the models show currently.

Again.. I said this storm would come in around Upper Matecumbe and Key Largo and I was right and more so.. it seems to be turning and doing as I said yesterday, nicking the SE coast of Florida before going back out to sea.. that would be three nicks.. Haiti, E Tip of Cuba and... now SE Florida.. maybe.. will see for sure in the morning. I did think it would be 10mph stronger though.. oh well...
Bobbi :)


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