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Monday, August 21, 2006

Debby Forming Near Africa?

It seems that a low pressure system hovering over the Cape Verde Islands may very well become the next named storm Debby. At the least it should be a tropical depression within the next 24 hours.

2 Things are going in it's favor..

1 There is ample moisture out ahead of it that was lacking a few weeks back when a similar, magical looking wave rolled off of Africa. In this case it is not just about location, location, location but it needs moisture and the air out in front of it is suddenly, wet, wet, wet.

2 Water temps are hot, hotter and getting hottest that they have been all summer and just on time they may provide the extra boost of energy that this hear wave needs to spin into a storm.

This great site from the cover of Hurricane City shows a beautiful loop of the system in question.,a=0,sa=8,pr=RGB,f=1,c=AIR,se=0,n=6,d=1,v=400,pp=0

Keep watching.

New York was wonderful, both Brooklyn and Manhattan and Crown Heights is looking even better than ever. If it was a named storm it would be a Category Five!

As for me... all is good, all is cooking, life is moving along and I'm back at work doing my thing and in my spare time watching the tropics.

Thanks last night to Matt Drudge for playing a great song last night on his show...cute, strange choice from the mind of a strange man but despite the topic of the night.. the song is beautiful.

Thanks for the friend who watches the Yankees last night for reminding me about the Redsox game.. killed my evening. I was up til they lost in the last inning and then I couldn't sleep.. but glad they reminded me.

Lastly........note that behind this particular wave is a whole train of waves and if this one doesn't start spinning, the one after that might.

The season is about to spin up real soon. the world of wierdness and fun... Gianmarc and Jimw (Jim Williams) have a bet going on as to who wears the chicken suit at the end of the season if we do or don't get up to Patty.

Personally... can't wait. Great group... this may not be 97 but it feels like it in other ways, fun ones!


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