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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Miami @ Noon.. Rita a Real Hurricane.. Fast Roundup of Info

Okay... back.

We had about an hour (give or take) of heavy bands come through here. Decided to put up some hot water and boiled some eggs in case I need to go into mode where I lose power but hoping, praying I don't.

Son lost power in Hollywood with that band that came through strongly here.

Sky is a bit lighter here in color than it was before.. but it is getting dark again to the east (a nasty looking cell out there on radar) and watching the cells spin round.

She is a real hurricane..wind.. circle center seems to have gotten smaller.. stronger and bands, nice bands... big, big NE quandrant like real hurricanes get.

Pouring on Miami Beach... rain shifted to south more.. at that location.

Otherwise.. round up given below.

Anyone with a map that has an insert of Florida and the Keys.. should track the storm. A rare opportunity and you really get a feel for where the storm really is better than even watching on radar..

Strong cell.. going off again.

Nice.. very nice so far..

Look at that band on the NE side of Rita that is pumping strong bands through the Miami/Broward area. You can feel the difference since she has gotten stronger.
Watching a sample of TV and listening to the radio a bit. A lot of people without power after first good squall.

Watching Mike Seidel in Marathon. Beautiful place..getting strong tides.
10:30 am gust of 52mph reported on mami beach

Channel 6 on back up power is doing a great job They have someone down on Lower Matecumbe where the storm surge is coming in... about 6 inches of sand on US1.. (beautiful down there that stretch of highway) and.. ocean is pounding in against the roadway.. Nice images.. good job reporting too.Ed Odell doing a great job reporting down there.



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