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Monday, December 07, 2015

December Seems A Lot Like Indian Summer... Heavy Rains in South Florida. Chasing Sunsets.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

You can see what's left of the last front languishing down in the Florida Straits.

Weather is funny.
Miami missed getting a hurricane this season.
And had flooding rain from a November frontal boundary.

Last week was a mess.

I've said this before.
Mother Nature always finds a way...

This December so far has shown itself to be mild.
Well mild in Hurricane Country ... 
Out West they are having Winter.

Pattern won't last forever. 
At some point winter will show it's hidden face.
For now though it's nice not to have to wear gloves when you go out...
The weekly pattern warms up nicely through the weekend.
The Polar Vortex seems to have taken a vacation so far... 

When I say West I mean Far Out West.

Five Years Ago I was it snowed this week in Carolina.

No snow today.
No snow yesterday.
No boots or gloves ..okay leggings. 
Fall Winter lingers as we approach Winter.

So what do we look for?


An interesting link up on
Mike has a "sunset" link... 

Seems the sunset will be quiet in the East this week.

Anyone want to chase the sunset?
I'll give you a hint...
Find a tall building.
The sun always sets beautiful in a tall building facing West.

My kids had a condo that looked West in Aventura a while back.
As beautiful as it is to the glimpses of the ocean...'s beautiful to sit and watch the sun set down...down..down.

See what I mean?
A few years back... a bit after sunset.

Watching it get dark was almost prettier than the actual sun setting...

So... if you are missing a good sunset.
And you see they might be a good one soon....
Get a hotel room, high up facing West ...
Sit back, relax, enjoy...

Besos Bobbistorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps ... or you could head down to the end of the road.
Key West.


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