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Friday, August 14, 2015

Tropics Today. Godzilla El Nino Vs Geico Lizard. What's in a Name?

Today I'm writing on the tropics... and El Nino.

Part 1.. What's Up in the Tropics
Part 2.. Hoopla on naming it Godzilla El Nino...

wv-animated.gif (720×480)

There's a trof over Florida.
Once again it's acting up on both ends.
Gulf has a spin.
Convection congregating around SE coast.

Another front is digging down.

This is becoming a semi permanent condition.
Nothing forming now but eventually something could.

Let's look down into the Caribbean.

A few things worth mentioning.
A tropical wave moving in low to the Caribbean 
Pulsing up.
Pulsing down.
Pulsing up again.

Moisture coming off Columbia... normal.
Bit of convection near Central America

Color but no bright red flags.

rb-animated.gif (1120×480)

Put it together and the trof near Florida bears watching.
The wave near the there. 
I need convincing on the wave.

Also may I note the dust is still there tho .. less now.

What is the official bottom line?

1. Watch the GOM
2. What the SW Carib... maybe
3. Wave off of Africa... hmnnn

Watch if they put a purple splotch on wave near Islands.

Part 2 of today's discussion....

I know we are all desperate to talk on the tropics.
We all want rain to fall in California.
But really do we have to hype El Nino into a STORM?

The headlines yesterday show a media ready to grasp onto anything.

Small print implies California could get a rain out of El Nino.
El Nino Rain.

Let's just change the E storm from Erika to #ElNino

Apparently it's a GODZILLA El Nino... 
This years Polar Vortex term... 

Waiting for lizards everywhere to complain on that one.
Doesn't the Geico lizard have anything to say ??

Just type El Nino and hit "news" into Google.
So much hype you'd think they were ...
Changing the G named storm to ...

Could be.
May be.

Note the promised rain from El Nino in California...
...hasn't arrived yet.......

It's an odd El Nino... 
Each El Nino is odd.

In 1997 it was labeled the El Nino of All El Ninos.
The Mother of ALL El Ninos...

Let's take a look back at 1997.

What is in a name?
1997 names...

What is the list for 2015?

Same names.
No you are not imagining things.
Sort of Deja Vu...huh???


You want to kill off hurricanes?
Use this list every year... 
Nothing kills hurricanes faster than the names..
Ana, Bill & Claudette . . .

Yes, both El Nino Years.

Godzilla El Nino....

Some thoughts from the Twittersphere..

Truth is weather is local.

Tell Tampa to worry on El Nino when they are having flooding rains.
Tampa has weather
Weather has been parked near Tampa for weeks.

Trof... Tampa... Cold Fronts Dangling.

They are not tweeting on Godzilla but a serious flooding problem.

Note the term "CONTINUES" with regard to Myakka River.

Time will tell.
El Ninos are best studied in retrospect.. the rear view mirror.
Sort of like old boyfriends... 
Easier to analyze looking back.

In real time there is lots of hype...

Reality is daily weather changes.
Climo rules.
Every week or two patterns flip.
Maybe next week..
I have very unscientific reasons for this ..
If something forms near Florida next week..
I'll share them ;)

In Black and White

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Godzilla was for entertainment purpose only..

Besos Bobbi

Keep watching.
Keep reading..
Keep dancing..


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