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Monday, August 03, 2015

Invest 95L Out Over Water... What Will Be? Atlantic Wave Rolling, BOC Moisture

ft-animated.gif (1120×480)

Sort of fast roundup regarding the yellow X that is now near the Ocean.
Around the Florida Georgia Line 

Been an interesting year with Invests over land.
Then again this is the type of year...
....that any Invest will do!!

I'm wondering if this INVEST doesn't get a name...
Can it still be retired for drowning parts of Tampa and West Florida?
Has an Invest number ever been retired??
Okay, being silly but Tampa was swamped.
Convection stimulated from Invest 95L

Also note the wave in the Atlantic is not dead yet.
It most likely will die out ... but...wouldn't bet the farm on that.
Pulses up regularly as if to say "I'm HERE!!!!!"

But, for now all eyes are on the clean up in Tampa.

And, as Mike says the FL GA Line Track

Stay tuned...

Sweet Tropical Dreams,

Bobbi Storm

Ps...There's some moisture lingering in the BOC...


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