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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Invest 95L Gone Out to Sea. St. Pete & Tampa Cleaning Up. 1909 Key West Hurricane History. 1935 Labor Day Storm Monument

Back to normal in the tropics.
Models that saw development were hallucinating.
And, the Invest caught the Trof's eye.
It's about to cross the Atlantic.
Be Europe's problem.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Big huge high and waves still coming off of Africa.

It's hot. 

Really, really hot.
Much of the Caribbean could use a tropical storm.
A small one, a drought breaker.

Luckily we have a quiet season.
1909 was NOT a quiet season.

track.gif (640×512)

1909 Key West Hurricane was bad.
Hurricane went up the FL Keys.
A real worse case scenario.

This is the before picture of a Cigar Factory

Big, building.

Next is a before and after shot... 

This is why we obsess on Hurricanes in the tropics.
Cuba was often hit by hurricanes. 
We rebuild.
Cubans in Key West who relocated there were not surprised.

We should never be surprised.
We should always be prepared.

Invest 95L had the wind speed ...gale force.
Invest 95L had the circulation.
BUT...not at the same time.

Tampa is still cleaning up.
Well, the Red Cross is helping clean up.

Anyone who has ever watched Eddie and the Cruisers..
...knows the concept of "words and music"

Words is the wind.
Music is the circulation.

If they don't connect....
You got nothing.

When they do... you are living on the dark side in the tropics

Besos Bobbi

Ps...Enjoy those sunny days ;)

Cause after the deep blue skies... 
Comes a Hurricane ....

Check out FIND A GRAVE Site for 1935 Hurricane...

Look at those blue skies...
It's not just a monument...
It's a grave site... 

Something to think on in the quiet times..


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