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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Leaving On a Jet Plane... to North Carolina..

I still think its a bit crazy to be moving up north to be living down south. But, I am moving up to the very Southern, coastal state of North Carolina in a few hours where my husband is waiting and my wicker dresser is waiting and my new life is waiting...

So much waiting, waited so long in so many ways and now the moving day is finally here.

Not much going in the tropics but my tropical friends insist things are changing and soon we will have tropical weather to talk about. And, I will be blogging about it from the Carolinas. Actually, looking forward to see how they handle the tropics on the nightly news up there.

A strong high is in place and yet frontal boundaries are still moving across the continental US. It still doesn't look all that friendly to me. And, truth is climo says it doesn't really get going til August. Will see if that new funky Modoki El Nino materializes or just the same old El Nino. As only.. time will tell.

Enjoy the song... enjoy the sentiments except that I am leaving with a wedding ring but every place I go I will think of you .. my online friends.

Besos Bobbi


At 9:02 AM, Blogger Rebecca Jill said...

Welcome to the Triangle area of North Carolina! I live in Durham. I've been a reader of your blog for a few months but have never commented. I grew up in Tampa, Florida.

WRAL probably has the best local weather coverage. They break in for the local tornado activity, usually in the afternoons with bad thunderstorms. I've been more afraid of tornadoes living here, than I ever was growing up in Florida.

Though a lot of the tropical activity stays to the coast, every now and then we get the effects or the storms here. A lot of people will be glad to tell you about Hurricane Fran. I wasn't here then, but I was here for Floyd, where all of N.C. east of I-95 was under water. And we got effects from Hurricane Isabel; high winds, some rain, and power out.

We also got the effects of Hannah last year here, which caused my family to leave Holden Beach a day early last summer. We weren't happy, and then we got the rain and winds here.

I've enjoyed your storm coverage from Miami and pictures from the Keys, so I look forward to how your take is on the tropical weather from here.


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