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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Transitions... Hurricane Season Gives Way to Christmas Season on Miami Beach

The colors of the season on Miami Beach...and I don't mean the Hurricane Season!

Silver Stars on Palm Trees and Red High Heels!

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

This blog tonight is about transitions. It's the Middle of November, the full moon has passed, the hurricane season is pretty much over and a strong cold front is bringing December like temperatures down across the peninsular. Again... we seem to be a few weeks ahead of schedule this year weather wise but that's just my own observation.

I went looking for shoes today at lunch. You know shiny heels, furry boots, something I might fall in love with and feel more ready for the winter season. It was 74 degrees at noon, blue skies and beautiful. Women were walking around in boots and sleeveless mini skirts and those were the locals! Flip flops and leggings. Guys with shorts and sweat shirts. Miami in the winter :)

Seems the Hurricane Season is taking a back seat to the Holiday Season on Miami Beach. The Car Show has come and gone, Basel Art is around the corner.

Yep...the spirit of the Holiday Season has descended upon Lincoln Road as the nice bucket trucks began putting up the silver stars onto the palm trees and stores are getting into the holiday season.

Tomorrow morning it's supposed to be 51 degrees. Very, chilly, chilly, chilly for Miami. My mother went to my brother's to stay safe in the deep freeze. People are searching through their closets looking for their winter wardrobe tonight. Really.
51!! Brrrr...

I think the Tropical season is probably over. Hard to imagine all those pretty Christmas decorations going flying in the wind.. Might have to take down a few of the hurricane maps and put up some Chanukah decorations. At least my little Pier One Blue Shell Lights... get out the blue and silver votive candle holders and decorate as soon as Thanksgiving is over!

I'm still lost somewhere between the Hurricane Season... Turkey Season and the Festival of Lights and Miracles as we call Chanukah :) Looking forward to lying in bed late and watching the Macys Parade and making stuffing or whatever I make and latkes in December and my birthday and New Years Eve! Gosh I love the Holiday Season. Cold fronts and Southern Living Recipes :) and their Thanksgiving Issue!!

And... I have so much to be thankful for and appreciate this beautiful November. We had an incredible dinner last night at China Bistro at the Waterways and drinks earlier in the afternoon at the Eden Roc where we watched the sunset. The colors of the sunset were reflected in clouds over the ocean in those soft tropical colors that you find only in the tropics or the inside of a conch shell. They make one of the best Pina Coladas around and they have the perfect view to sit and dine with someone you love.

Next time you are on Miami Beach and looking for a place to eat, drink or just watch the water by yourself or with a friend... Eden Roc, poolside..oceanside bar. Always been one of the best places... better than the Fountaineblue even... because sometimes too much really is enough... and the Eden Roc is and has always been one classy hotel. Renovated as well and a personal favorite always! boyfriend left Miami this morning and landed in Raleigh where snow flurries were coming down and melting as they hit the ground. Quite a transition from tropical sunsets to an early winter! Funny because just a few hours earlier people at work were talking about the day it snowed in Miami in the winter of 77. Snow seemed to be the theme this morning. My brother sent me this site where you can a snowman and deer and people who come to pose and I suppose you can watch as the snow gets higher and higher by watching the measuring stick. I haven't figured why this is such a big deal but if you like it.. there's a link to Christmas ornaments and some nice tee shirts :) Hey.. if you are tired of looking at the puppies on the webcam give Mr. Snowman a try!

Meanwhile.. I went over to Macys which we really like to think of still as "Burdines the Florida Store" even though Macys trashed the Burdines name after insisting they would keep it... (who can believe Yankees anyway??) so... walked in and this is what I heard ...

Except this is Miami... and this is what I saw...

no snow... but lots of stars.. stars seem to be the theme this season. From Miami Beach City Hall up above to the mobiles at Macys.

Which oddly reminded me of the way the Fountainebleau looked yesterday when we were there!

Anyways... lots of great sales, music, jingle jangling songs. Did some shopping! Took a walk on Lincoln Road... went to the chiropractor, got some delicious coffee at Van Dykes and walked back to work watching the men in the bucket trucks putting up the Gold and Silver Stars onto the Palm Trees.

So.... enjoy this time of transition while the little turkey decorations are in the store and their are pumpkins and mistletoe sharing the same space at the store and as employees race about putting up Christmas Decorations before the Turkey has even been thawed..enjoy it! While your favorite songs are on the radio ...enjoy it!

Make a wish list! Places to see... things you'd like and things you could maybe only dream on... Might be a hard candy Christmas for a lot of people this year but many things are indeed free...

music... ( and love and laughter, friendship and weather and memories that stay with us forever.

Whether you are old school or new school ... sing along and enjoy whatever makes you happiest.

Love and kisses... Bobbi

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