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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dolphins Win.. Move to 6-4 Season... On Beautiful Day in Miami

What a day! Dolphins won despite that unreal 93 yard kick return (can we please improve on special teams) but... we won :)

Telling you...greatest way to watch a Dolphin Game is locked up alone in a room with your boyfriend. Enjoy the Game. Enjoy the Halftime! Enjoy the Victory! Try.. find a nice hotel room, turn the phones off... enjoy the game. Take a Football Holiday :)
Hey... beats trying to watch on a walkman or in a room with a bunch of people screaming "you bum" at the screen! LOL.

Gotta go.. going to dinner and drinks! Wonder if they make a Miami Dolphin Victory Martini???


Watch the Carib for one last blast of possibilities in a few days.. don't think anything can happen but you never what happens to the moisture from the front. Either it's over or there's one last chance.


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