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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Miami - THE Season Has Arrived.. Cold Fronts, Car Shows and Book Fairs & the Fountainebleau

Yup... Miami is open for business.. party and fun in the sun. Chandeliers are back on and the floor is shined and waiting for the people to come and party in style!

This is THE SEASON in Miami. A cold front barreled through last night just in time for everyone to get up, get out and get about town checking out their favorite vice be it books, cars or I'm not telling ;) mine!

Seriously, having a wonderful weekend here. My boyfriend's in town and God provided great weather! No late season hurricanes... though it was a bit toooo hot yesterday. Sorry, 88 in the sun in November is HOT!! One of the most beautiful full moons rising the other night on the way over to my brother's house for Friday night dinner. And, this morning... the wind changed, cool air suddenly was here again! Cool breezes from the North. Cool breezes that make you open the windows, smile and give thanks to the weather angels that sent this beautiful weather this way :)

Speaking of angels.. the Victoria Secrets Angels are in town. They've been all over Miami Beach last week getting ready for the show. You can tell they are Victoria Secrets as they are ten times more beautiful than the normal models and they all speak with some European accent and well.. they are beautiful. People at Starbucks on Lincoln Road just stare like they have never seen a beautiful person before and telling you as someone who was once called one of the "beautiful people" I'm awed. Amazed.

To the girls in this house a new VS catalogue is more exciting than a copy of Foreign Affairs Quarterly was to me when I was there age and that rocked my boat :) Yup.. my beautiful girls who inherited their mother's great curves and brains are hot, hot, hot and they sit and sift through it and argue which model is more beautiful and which outfit is best to order. Pink is a political party choice round here. ;)

Here she is in all her beauty... in the hotel whose designer once said "too much is never enough" :) I think he would be thrilled with the VS fashion show for the grand opening!

What you don't know about this bathing beauty is she is in fact a famous storm chaser! Yep.. this outfit can take you from the tropics to the north pole. ;)

One of my family members is involved with the hotel re-opening and has been working on it for a long while. She told my youngest daughter that Heidi Klum is so beautiful in person without any make up. She just shines. Some people do. I've seen models looking for coffee, shlepping little suit cases with them before being made up for shoots on Lincoln Road..they are not all works of art without the make up department. Bodies by God but faces like you and me... Others... truly do shine.

So... this blog has some of the Victoria Secret girls in town at the Fountainebleau and you decided. Here's Heidi!

As for the book show do you really need to see books? Come on now... If you live in Miami, go down to the book fair it is worth the money and a glorious day to browse through books.

If you'd rather stay indoors..there is the South Florida International CAR SHOW across from my main residence on Miami Beach :) Saw them setting up the fancier cars on Friday, very pretty... My brother went last night, they are going to buy a new car and well.. I mean how could you not go? Check out the old classics on Memory Lane!

Check out Dave Barry and his band .. one of the best attractions..

Take your pick! Go to the Mall, go to the show, go to the beach, open up your windows and make some great snacks and stay home and watch your favorite football teams play Fall Football. Heard Gators kicked butt last night.. my youngest son Zalmy seems to be a Gator Fan.. Nuff Said!

So... nothing going on in the tropics of the meteorological kind but lots of beautiful babes and books in Miami.. as always, the city that has beauty and brawn and the Miami Dolphins!!!

Besos Bobbi ;)

My favorite... Heidi doing the Tropical Can Can or as we say today.
Yes You CAN .. CAN CAN ;)

;) giggle.. just kidding.. cute song


At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

I'm working on a story about the Fontainebleau reopening for NPR and would be interested in talking to you about your memories. Greg Allen(

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