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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hungry Dean, Stars forming in his eyes?

Beautiful view my son sent me of his developing eye which looks like it's developing cells in the eye wall. Looks a lot stronger than they have him down at... but soon the recon will know for sure..

had a wild rain storm on miami beach today.. straighten your hair and believe in high dry weather and you get soaked on lincoln road. so much water the streets flooded and sewers bubbled ;(

So.. waiting to see if any other models break with the pack but I still say... compare these two and that upper level low is force to be reckoned with AND.. moisture from erin is feeding around, enhancing it and there will be moisture digging down around the ULL. Yes.. the high might want to move west but it's got some battle with that ULL.

Of course, Dean will build his own high above him. I think he will be a major by tonight. No joke.. really, late tonight.. watch out Islands.. Dean is coming through.

Compare 12 hours ago

Compare now... that's one very defined ULL where the high is supposed to build in..

A little wet for the wear down here but I'd worry if another model breaks from the pack cause I say Dean stays to right of forecasted path.

Waiting on plane data.. and drying off...Bobbi

So... like when is this high pressure going to dig in?


At 12:02 PM, Blogger Mike P. said...


I agree with you, this storm is knocking on the Cat 3 door and will be walking in soon.

Mike P.

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At 10:51 PM, Blogger shuky said...

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At 10:52 PM, Blogger shuky said...

13A 08/16 2:00 PM 13.8N 55.5W 90MPH 970mb West near 23 MPH H1 Dean 08/16 2:08 PM
14 08/16 5:00 PM 14.0N 56.5W 100MPH 979mb West near 23 MPH H2 Dean 08/16 4:41 PM
14A 08/16 8:00 PM 14.0N 57.8W 100MPH 979mb West near 23 MPH H2 Dean 08/16 8:05 PM

anyone else remember the rule with hurricane strength?

low MB stronger storm...
high MB weaker storm...

most canes start high and go lower gaining stronger categories as storm strengthens...
not this one just like all the other things it is working its way against the rules (anyone remember the eye forming 1 or 2 advisories before the cane status?)

"this will be a cat 2 by tonight" - bobbistorm
apparently dean wasnt waiting for tonight...
the advisory is cat 1 until 5pm, but MB was 970mb at 2 and went UP? at 5pm (read- 979mb) but they added the cat 2 status at 5...looks like somebody didnt want to be told they were wrong.....


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