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Friday, July 06, 2007

Some Things About Bobbi You May Not Know...

Since it's a quiet day in the tropics and I am in a mood I figured I might list a few

1st things 1st though..
there is a low of some sort in the Atlantic off the Florida coast that probably could or would turn into a subtropical and go quietly out to sea except no one wants to talk about it because there are other bigger issues in the world such as whether the goon squad that has parked itself down at my old Alma Mater will or won't make the heat so hot at the NHC that everyone will BEG Bill to go back to work at the NWS where it seems what you say is not paid much attention to by the Press even if you are Mary Glackin who is the Acting Head or something..

Lesson # 1 Bill
NWS = invisible
NHC = highly visible and press always looking for sound bites

Lesson # 2
Never promote from outside a department and expect the locals to be happy. To Quote one of my favorite country singers "there goes the neighborhood"

Lesson # 3
No one likes a group of five or six people from your bosses in Washington parked for two or three weeks conducting an investigation of your department looking at everything from paper clips to time cards to comments made in the bathroom or written online. Working for the government isn't all it's cracked up to be. And, many who have.. have left for their own reasons. That's why guys like Jeff Masters and Steve Lyons no longer work in the public sector but have found happiness and respect in the private sector. Add in their Joe Bastardi... So, imagine if you had your far away distant bosses camped out in your cubbyhole you would wish Bill would go back to the NWS too!

Lesson #4
To quote another song she sings .. NOAA would "Rather Have a Good Ole Boy!"

as for weather round up..

There is an area of low pressure somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle that isn't getting much attention because the NHC is the big news these days.. not the storms....

Oh.......and the wave out in the Atlantic Ocean that was being monitored was downgraded to a regular wave and not one with a closed circulation. That decision BTW was made by none other than QUICKSCAT ...the satellite that is responsible for providing data to distant waves out east of 50w and ... well.... guessing if that was a Cat 3 and not a weak wave you'd be happy QuickScat was on the job ...

Anyways... so that's the weather round up.

Did hear that MJO is moving into the Atlantic Basin soon and things might heat up.. then again i believe in the MJO, do you?

I do. Hey, I even sort of miss Joe these days lol.


somethings you might not know about Bobbi if you are still reading this and yes that is a pic of me up on the top of this blog in a somewhat pensive mood.

1) I won awards at FIU for my academic studies in International Relations. National awards. Money $$$ not grants for school or to be used for books in the gift shop. I think I bought some cute heels and a nice jean skirt and saved part for trips to NY. Maybe ;) But, I did win big awards and got As and was on the honors list etc..

Studied tons of INR classes, Geography of EVERYWHERE, Demography of a lot of places. Took meteorology classes that I also got As in as well as Oceanography and Geology and also got As... I didn't do Chemistry or Biology, sort of an earth science girl you know? And, it relates to International Relations because well... you have to know a country's resources, economically specifically and weather is real important. If you don't think so... then Russia spent too much time way back when trying to find a warm water port.. Not to mention the whole Peruvian fishing boats that get argued over in the International Courts of Law. I took International Law too. And, I have a second degree in English. Two degrees in less than four years of college, go figure.

So you see... Bobbi really could have been Condi Rice but

2) I joined Lubavitch to see the world and make a difference. It's sort of like a Jewish Peace Corp. I was married to a Rabbi and had the title of Rebbetzen and a Chabad House and well... Long Beach was nice, Santa Monica was wonderful.. L.A. not as nice as Long Beach... ended up back home in F L O R I D A. I missed the South. My daddy missed me and convinced my ex-husband to move back to Miami where we continued working for Lubavitch. I helped a lot of people. I can't say that it was a bad decision. Nothing I am not proud of with regard to my work for Chabad. A lot I don't agree with and bugged me and others, working for any organization isn't easy but I am proud of it. Would rather personally currently have Condi's job but well we all make decisions and we have to live with them. And, I got to meet James Caan and the Spock guy and a lot of people Chabad is close to on the West Coast. Giggling... hey James Caan is cute at any age. A sweet man.

Oh...and I had a whole bunch of kids ..some named Mendy, Levi, Zalmy... well if you know Chabad you know the drill.

But then...............

3) I got divorced. And, I left Chabad and a lot of things changed and took a break and eventually took back a lot of things and now I am currently very close with Chabad again. I even have kids who live in Crown Heights and Postville, how lubavitch is that? Postville is beautiful, I love it there! I do have a picture of the Rebbe! I have quite a few pictures of the Rebbe lol..and I do Ha Yom Yom every day! but as it says in my divorce papers
"something changed"

speaking of something.....

4) I no longer speak to screen writers who don't get the scene correct it was about food on a stick not food in cones, on a stick and things you can hold in your hand... and it was supposed to be a private conversation and someone under an assumed personality said they wouldn't use it and I don't think changing it from a stick to a cone is well... we no longer speak so it doesn't matter. Corn Dogs. I love corn dogs. I love tacos and burritos. Onion Rings and other things and egg rolls and well I have pretty much given up food in a stick or that you eat in your hand. It is usually fattening... ever notice how you don't eat brown rice out of your hand? In a bowl. Yep. Then again you can eat Tofu in your hand can't you? Hmmmnnn well...oh and sushi. Oh I aint givin up sushi so yes I still do eat food I hold in my hand. I stand corrected. :) I am in a mood today but then I warned someone. But, I have given up screen writers for breakfast and given up directors for lunch and producers for dinner. Given up waiting to wear the shiny necklace to the Oscars cause well.. I'm not planning on attending next year... though dinner in Laguna again would be nice. I'm looking for a diet of NORMAL these days. Hardworking normal. A honest, good, hardworking normal good ole boy who knows how to come home at the end of a day and make some noise... have dinner, watch the sunset, watch the stars come out and think on where to take the kids or ourselves for a nice vacation. N O R M A L. And, I really hope and pray I find it!


5) I am not getting back together with ED. So, you remember you heard it from me first... on the books, on the record... accept it, deal with it.. was a long, long time ago .... move on.
We weren't Romeo and Juliet was just a prom.

Ed here
Bobbi there

Never the twains shall meet. And, Marc stay out of this one please!

so that brings me to

6) I work very hard as a librarian and I love it. It doesn't pay well but well fits in with my life and maybe someday I will finish that novel which will not be made into a movie. And, I get to be surrounded by books! And, nice people. And....I do writing freelance and I get paid for it..sometimes. And, I love to write, I love the way words play with each other, flirting, playful, serious... compelling people to think.

7) I am sorry for insulting someone here on the blog once (RR) and I truly do hope you forgive me... really. Though it may have been good writing and I was very upset was wrong. I think you have way surpassed Big Daddy and you are truly a caring, important person. And... I do mean that.

8) 8 is my favorite number. I used to love to talk about numbers with Rebbetzen Doubtfire but we no longer talk. But, I do love numbers and I will never forget long walks and talks on the beach (sorry about the trash on the ground) and watching that plane swoop down so low I thought America was under attack but it was just a jetfighter on the way to a game at the stadium lol. And, thanks for the memories... Good to have good girl friends to talk to sometimes when you need to take a break from reality. Remember to take your medicine darling! I so worry on you sometimes..

9) There will be nine hurricanes in the tropical atlantic this year? lol. I want to be on Cloud 9 again...

Seriously... the truth is in ways we all have 9 lives..

We evolve as people.. we change, we go through heartache, we go through pain... we ache and we bleed and we think we can never get past something but we do... we have to, because well... life is about survival and it's about being happy and finding joy in impossibly hard situations sometimes. It is about the beauty of a rose unfolding, the rain coming down, the moon coming out... you know that, standing out in the middle of the street staring up at a full moon (i was there you didn't see me) and well... it's about weather and love and magic and karma and it's about sometimes you hit a home run and sometimes you strike out. Sometimes even the heart and soul of the team like Johnnny Damon moves on but you still have to go on... with him or with out him, life moves on.

So... this is me.

This is Bobbi!

I love country music, old rock and roll, jazz and swing and big band music... even songs like Mr. Sandman and Fly Me To The Moon.

I love purple and green and shades in between and I have even somehow learned to appreciate yellow.

I love Key West.

I love history and maps and geography and weather.. and yeah even rocks but don't quote me on that.

I write. I read. I love words. I love music.

Looking for someone NORMAL to love and to help brighten their life as I hope they will brighten mine. Life is way too short to live it alone so yeah... I am looking for love and maybe in the wrong places but well... maybe I'll move, who knows.

So... there is it... play it again Sam... and have a wonderful weekend ... be happy and I'll check back when there is something to write about tropically speaking.

Thanks for listening.
Good Shabbos!

Ps.. I gave up mousse but I still love the Redsox, not giving them up EVER!


At 11:06 AM, Blogger stephen said...

I'm the same guy who responded to the blog on Proenza--and who said this was perhaps his first and last comment to a blog. Well--guess I'm slippin' already. Anyway, Bobbi ... good luck searching for love! .. I am on the same quest. 50 years old and have lived in the Boston area since the Bobby Orr days but due to my jersey/philly roots still root for the Phils and, definitely, not the RED SOX!!!!! Yeccch!!!
I don't know. Just prefer National League ball or the memories of my childhood ... seeing the likes of Bob Gibson and Lou Brock and Richie Allen and Jim Bunning play in Connie Mack stadium. Probably the latter, I agree.
(Though I remain a huge fan of the Yaz-Petrocelli-George Scott-etc. Red Sox who I followed from my then-home in Twin Rivers New Jersey as a child ... now that was a team for the ages!!!!! ... kinda like the Orr-Esposito-Cashman-Cheevers .... oh, never mind!)

take care all!!!

At 5:19 PM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

thanks Stephen. Sometimes you have to just move on and give up some of the things you loved as a child. Sometimes things change. I didn't mean to love the Redsox I didn't want to do it... I didn't want to do it, but someone made me love them and now I can't undo it.

sort of gets in you like a fever, you can't really control.

i didn't even like baseball. I was a football girl. Dyed in the wool football, any football, dolphins, greenbay, jets, UM.. ever watch old teams play... Arkansas, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Oklahoma. Nothing like watching Wake Forest lose to the Canes back in the days. Rams (high school).

i had no patience for baseball and then... decided i was going to figure it out. Checked out books, read online, made a notebook, history of the team, players... sort of like a school project or a school report, my own private project... so I could figure out what the big deal was...

And, I was hooked. Know how you feel about those old players just my old memories are Namath :) and Roman Gabriel and Mercury Morris running wildly up the sidelines and Green Bay playing in the snow. That Indian qb... new england maybe who played with his schoolmate for a year or so... great qb. And, the coaches.. love the coaches, love watching coaches. Shula, Ditka, Spurrier, JJ.

Sometimes you just got to let the past go and move on to opportunities, to new things.

I'll always love Namath but... that was then, this is now. I'll always remember lying in bed watching Johnny Damon in my redsox teeshirt someone sent me and sitting up with them all night online watching together (strange new world we live in) but that was then, this is now.

You know I don't think I have ever responded to a poster on my blog but decided it was time for changes.

Yep, real down about the Proenza thing. Going to sit and fester and bug me all season like when Hope died.

Proenza wanted to improve intensity forecasting. It was his big goal. An important goal. Keeping up with technology is an important part of it. Only so far you can go with models and recon and whether its ocean currents, wind fields around the storm (noaa gulfstream jet does help)or solar storms who knows.. mjo? Sometimes you have to go outside the box to find the answer.

He didn't deserve to be treated the way he was...

Ever see that movie The Sting. You probably did as we are about the same age. It was a real sting, a real set up. Sad.

Anyways... thanks for writing and good to hear from you.

Always been a fan of Stevens, by any spelling.

be well, Bobbi

At 11:30 PM, Blogger stephen said...

Okie-doke. Let me try this one more time--since I evidently screwed up my attempt at a post yesterday morning.
First of all, thanks for responding! It's always nice to be heard.
Prior to today I more or less speed-read through your blogs .. while today I read a bit more slowly. I enjoy your technical insight into weather. After working a long day, and I mean a long, long day (generally, 18 hours/day), I like to relax by watching TWC. I don't know, there's something soothing about all the color graphics and satellite images that helps me fall off to sleep. That said, to the extent I actually follow the patter of the TV anchorpersons it is obvious that in your blog you provide a depth of understanding about the weather that is a level or two deeper than that which is usually presented to my somnolent eyes.
That said, as for the whole Proenza Affair (got a nice ring to it, no?) the powers-that-be should probably be apprised that the anti-Bill reporting featured on network TV to explain this controversy to the general public was so lacking in clarity, so lacking in any rational foundation that ... well, I went on line and found you.
I guess this boy just doesn't "get" America, anymore (even as I try to stick to my own advice to myself to steer clear of public disclosures of political opinion ... ugh! all those infinitives!!!!!!!!!!).
Well, not every sentence is a thing of beauty ... nor every man or woman. But if you want to know what I look like--well, what I look like sort of .. these photos never do justice to their subject, do they?--I think I still have an open profile on, search: honestoesincero. I don't think you have to join (I no longer belong) to view these "perfils."
And no I'm not Hispanic (but I am honest and sincere!! LOL).
Sidenote: kindly ignore any or all derogatory comments made about me by any of my former online amigas; indeed, if any such comments exist.
That was a joke. Probably not very good. Bobbi, I'm getting kind of tired here and should probably sign off ...
So, quickly ... your reference to a new england indian qb who played for a couple of years with his schoolmate (& I paraphrase here, though that sounds pretty close) threw me for a bit of a loop. Who "ever" is she talking about?
But my first thought was Sonny Sixkiller .. the only Native American qb of note I can think of, period. Though in fact Sonny never played in the NFL (to my knowledge .. I could be wrong) but had a bit of a storied career in Washington playing PAC 8 ball.
Eight--your favorite number, right? I seem to recall.
Mine's eleven. And which I believe was also Schrodinger's favorite number.
Truly fascinating things emanate from the number "11"! ... but I did that work years ago (and would probably have to look it up).
But, anyway .. eliminating good old Sonny Sixkiller, I thought next of Jim Plunkett, thinking maybe you were thinking of him and Randy Vataha .. but, no ... I don't think that's right either. Neither is Native American! (Though Plunkett had some Mexican blood)
Oddly enough, Roman Gabriel--who you like--was Filipino, actually.
But, moving right along, I was forced to consider Doug and DArren Flutie, who played together at BC .. but a brother is a bit more than a schoolmate. Though both played in Canada for many years .. though I never paid close enough attention to know if they were ever on the same team.
That said, though--and this is funny--having played myself with the Acton-Boxboro Colonials I happened to know already they "did" play together with the Natick High "Redmen."
But that's a bit of a reach ..

Again, thanks so much for writing, Steve

At 4:50 AM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

Hey Steve..

Thanks for giving me something to think on this morning besides some system in the Pacific that *might* affect the wrong islands.

I think I am thinking of Randy Vataha and Plunkett who played together at Stanford.

Think I watched that game actually. Great year, great time for college football. Shortly afterwards I fell in love for the first time and luckily it was after the football season and before the hurricane season (my own personal doldrums) and I guess at that point I probably would have said "Jim Plunkett who?"

He was good. I believe both of them had native american/indian/southwest indian/some kind of indian blood, roots. I could be wrong and might have also been a player on the team from Hawaii or somewhere.

One of those comments the commentators during dull moments make on TV. Or maybe early Cosell? Either way... I also remember my father talking about it but he's long gone :(

Will do some reading online later today and see what is I am trying to remember from the year they both played for New England and probably the last time I was a big Patriots fan.

As for the other stuff... I'll get back to you, haven't woken up yet and thought you said something about "toes" there for a minute.

You sure we haven't met before? You sound real familiar Steve.

Randy Vataha. He was good, not as good as Plunkett but good!

At 4:00 AM, Blogger stephen said...

I could be wrong but I think you're thinking of Mosi Tatupu, big American Somoan running back/special teams stand-out. Played with Plunkett/Vataha, Stanford tandem--yes, I believe--those same years. 80's-ish.

No, believe me. We haven't met. (Or I'd be astounded if we had .. ).

So you work for NOAA or the National Weather Bureau or something like that .. but you're a librarian?

Anyway, though I'm not into computer games of any kind did hear of one yesterday that sounded fascinating to me .. and with your interest in international relations thought you'd find interesting too ... called Peacemaker (as I recall). It is a one-player game where you are either the Prime Minister of Israel or the President of the Palestinian Territories or maybe some other player. A clock starts ticking, things start happening, a new intifadah or some such thing erupts and you have to begin making diplomatic decisions quick.
The example I heard, there is an explosion/bomb in Jerusalem, several dead, many more injured .. you are PM, what do you do? One choice is secure the area but otherwise refrain from action/even rhetoric. This gets you 7 points, and loses Fatah a point. Next, you actually offer aid to the P.L.O. (this would never happen in real life .. after a bombing .. but bear with me), but--surprise!--the head of the P.L.O. turns it down. He doesn't believe you. Still, for the goodwill gesture alone you gain a point, while the Palestinian head of state loses more points. Anyway, the idea is to "win" the peace .. and to do this you must somehow raise the boats of both the Israelis and the Palestinians so that each has 100 + points. I guess it's actually possible to win the game--though how is beyond me.

With your regrets about not having Condi's job ... given her present mission to broker the peace, as it is stated, in the Middle East today ... I thought you might find this interesting.

Gotta run real fast, Gator. It's that time of day!


At 10:14 AM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

to stephen from boston

if you want email me your pics at the amigo thing was a little sketchy and blurry

have a great weekend and somewhere i answered you but not sure where.

not enough time but i think i am thinking of the two from stanford and there was a guy from hawaii of samoan heritage maybe or was talk plunket and the other one had native american heritage mixed in

long time ago

thanks for the info on roman gabriel, i never knew that.. wow, go figure.


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