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Monday, June 25, 2007

MJO - A Primer While It's Slow

Hey it rhymes :)

Unless you want to keep watching the poor little trailer get washed away in that video from yesterday... here's a chance to do some readign on a very relevant topic in hurricane research.. namely the MJO aka <--- excellent link
(simplified version for beginners)

Current animated pics of the MJO..

Live and learn :)

Or.. go home tonight and watch Twister or Reap the Wild Wind if you really want to zone out until we have something to work with..

Going to lunch before it rains. Very hot in Miami and Jim in high places says nothing is gonna happen and then when it rains it will pour so get some much needed rest during the slow period before those 2am advisory feedings lol.

Or.. you can sit around like my brother Jay in Greece watching yesterday's video.


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