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Friday, June 29, 2007

Wet Weekend Possible Because of the Tropical Wave

Or... just summer in general.

Either way the infamous wave that is now on Invest ..meaning the Navy site is monitoring it in infinite detail. A wave being on an invest is like getting on the Best Dressed List at the Oscars.. it gives the messy little wave a bit more press and hyped media interest. Even being on the worst dressed list still gets you attention. Look and see below:

Meanwhile if you look you will see what basically looks like half a storm. The lowest pressures are to the west and the bad weather is to the east.

So... what does it mean?

If it sits there and doesn't move a lot than maybe something will happen.

I know not as exciting as the I Phone thing but... for trackers it's exciting.

Some discussion on how strong that trough (cold front) is and possibly it will stall out which could affect steering currents and current models. Some discussion on it catching the front and moving fast out to sea...

Either way... I'm getting ready for shabbos. Everyone will be here for dinner except for Mendy who was invited to his girlfriend's house and Moishe who is currently under siege at the Apple Store where he works and handles large accounts. I have heard more about this device than anyone can possibly imagine. He talks Apple in his sleep I think. But, he's doing well and won't complain and hey.. I like my shuffle :) even if it's the old model it works really nice. Course if we lose power in a hurricane it will only last soooo long.

Chicken and Yellow Rice, regular salads, usual suspects at dinner.

And... I'll probably get some rain.

I was at the dentist today. Hate going to the dentist. Hate being somewhere that I can't talk for two hours and have to listen to canned 80s music (long lost love hits)reminding me of things I would rather not think on .. let alone at the dentist. Funny how smells and music remain with you long after the flowers fade. Okay, the orchids are pressed in a scrapbook but they are faded none the less.

Faded memories and faded blue jeans of a time long ago... and a summer a tropical storm formed off the coast of Miami. I keep thinking on that storm, that August.. sort of formed right off the coast of Miami.. like many do.

Wet weekend while I wonder on my life and ponder whether I should go away for July 4th or not.

Good Shabbos
Megweetch.. and all that jazz and thank the lord for happier cute memories :)


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