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Monday, October 30, 2023

Orange in the Carib ... Expected to Try and Make a Run for the Red Roses in SW Carib. A Definite Maybe. AOI By Bahamas Expected to Turn NE soon.. Stay Tuned


Woke up with some allergy problems.

So going to keep this short....

....lest I write a novel ;)

Showing you the bottom line.
What could happen in the Carib?

This is really one big troughy mess N/S

NHC be weird this week.
Sure looks farely developed.
But they know the ending...

Down in Caribbean hmmm 
Nothing really matches up properly.

Area near the Bahamas down to 20%
small itsy bitsy yellow circle
despite looking quite nice on Earthnull.

Looks better on Earthnull but chances lowered.

New plot twist for Caribbean Possibilities.

50% chances that something forms in the  SW Carib from the X that's in the East Carib currently moving obviously West and may or may or not try to make a run for a November Caribbean Storm. Models change often so far and as the image above from Mike's Morning Brew as he says "Mother Nature's Hail Mary" from SW Caribbean later next week.

For now nothing is expected in the short term.
A cold front IS expected however.

I'm going to stop here. My heart really isn't into the tropics today and there's not much to grab a hold of... IF models change then maybe. If I thought there'd be a hurricane or tropical storm even I'd probably go "visit my kids" in Miami and see my best friend and hang out at Design District or walk along the Miami River meeting my brother for coffee somewhere. Trying to plan a trip later in the month, but who knows. After the surprise Acapulco Hurricane I'm a bit hestitant to laugh anything off .... 

2023 is another interesting 2020 decade year. These are not the 20s I had hoped for....

Going to take a walk or go stimulate the economy a bit later today if I can't shake it off. I never was good at meditation. 

Fall is beautiful here, sunny blue skies and fall color everywhere so will see if our orange area in the Carib turns red like the maple tree's leaves today.

Much Love
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Ps not proofing this so if my spelling is off... oops, sorry!!


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