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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

No Hurricanes Hit Louisiana in 2023 ...But Super Fog Kills 7 People in Horrific Pile Up in Blinding Fog. TD21 Gone! Tammy Still Playing Around.


Oh look TD 21 is no more.

No Mas! Dead!

As for Tammy....

...still playing "will or I won't I?"

It will go out to sea...eventually. 

Cone still remains the same.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes a place can feel relieved because it avoided a direct hit by a Hurricane in a busy hurricane season and then something goes horrible wonky and 7 people are killed there in Louisiana by Super Fog! A thick combination of smoke and fog that blinded drivers resulting in a pile up of 158 vehicles and 25 injured and SEVEN dead so far.  Mind boggling story and if you have ever driven across the elevated long bridges over the waterways and marshes you'd know in a situation like that an accident on a crowded highway in "super fog" is a death sentence to someone... in this case 7 people.

So while some models show something may or may not develop in the Caribbean down the road, remember the possibility is there and I'll update when it becomes more reliable speculation. For now say a prayer for the family members who lost loved ones in a sudden, disaster from "Super Fog" not so super, should be called Deadly Smoke & Fog maybe because not so super. Shame Superman couldn't blow it all way ...

Some videos.

Stay tuned on that possible Caribbean system.

Til then..

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