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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Ophelia...A Beautiful Stormy Saturday Morning in Raleigh. Torrential Tropical Rain, Gusty Winds. Delicious. Memories & Thoughts...


Image from Zoom Earth.

My official post online.
Below are my longer thoughts.
I pay to edit and go long when I want.
I wanted to.....  
.... was a wild, strong but mild Tropical Storm.
Delievered strong gusts 39 MPH by me.
Very gusty for a while.
Can't beat sitting on your balcony...
..with coffee and honey cake watching it all.

Something wonderful about tropical rain meeting cool fresh air. Tropical but also Wintry a taste of what may come down the road. Figured would come in near Jax Bch/Emerald Isle & be near New Bern work it's way up near Tarboro somewhere in there ... Richmond had strong Wind Probs consistently seemed logical would track closer to Euro's more W route and then going up I95 on it's way somewhere else. Just a fun day chillin, smiling enjoying the beauty of real weather. For a few hours the rain made quite the racket coming down hard like it was raining bullets (u don't get that here w/o tropical wxr) steady, heavy a fantastic way to start Fall in this part of NC & back side as it pulled by blasted the area with cold wind out of the North. Real Equiniox Storm!

I've been here on the beach in a Tropical Storm & while "fun" it's not very tropical lol no coconut palms swaying in the same direction as in Miami or the Keys. Strong enough to take the power out across the state in places mostly to the E but moved West enough for part of the rain shield to get to Pittsboro & beyond and Martinsville. A "friendly" storm & it has places to go up the coast. For me was nice to be home, watching what it did to my neighborhood, staying in bed, taking a walk around taking it all in and enjoying the cold air it delivered too!

Ironically getting wind reports as strong as Idalia that underachieved on the wind reports vs storm surge. One thing I like about NC u get the chance for tropical weather & snow... Not a Hurricane but a gusty strong Tropical Storm out performing her original forecast. Next... where's the real stuff but very grateful for Ophelia! I'll remember her well

Not a Hurricane memory, but a nice tropical stormy memory!

Some tree somewhere always falls.
All in all little damage.
Well unless the tree fell on your home.
Flooding in Greenville and New Bern.
Love New Bern, had I gone anywhere...
...would have gone there.
But home on my Sabbath and was awesome!


As I was offline I'm going back in time and reliving it again online. Awesome storm especially as it ushered in Fall, chilly pajama weather ... lying under covers next to the big huge window staring up at Pines that rarely have dance moves like that... wondering the whole time what will winter bring to Raleigh. 

The lead Mid Level System.
Crazy Waves and high surf.
Flooding up the coast...
while the center is being tracked.

This was my bottom line Friday
In the blog.
EURO was clearly on the inland action.
This was the last EURO I saw.
This is exactly the radar we had here...
...image below from Friday's blog. 
Center to our East... then NE
A crazy heavy band of rain over us.
Then went so far inland it was over...
Pittsboro at one point West of us.

I understand how the NHC makes it's Cone, most of us do, and you're covering your bets with the furtherest good model East and the Western one... cone wider or more narrow depending on how far apart the models are and yet sometimes you gotta make a call. I was going to go with the EURO on this one and again it was obvious it was going to be WEST of the Outer Banks ... Emerald Isle is officially South Outer Banks... South and West and with that movement to the NNW and then N this was not an OBX storm even though they get the surf always as it juts out so far into the ocean. 

Will start fresh in the morning with Phillipe that sits out there looking to be another recurving storm but will it. Hearing rumblings and grumblings about it. I'll deal with that tomorrow.

I'm happy.
Had a fun day wearing my Winter Victoria's Secrets PJs sipping tea, under a cover looking out the window that was open a bit... fresh air and gusty wind and torrential tropical rain just smiling, loving it all. I'll remember Ophelia fondly. But her Mid Level area ContentWxr is tracking is kicking up surf, causing coastal flooding far from the incpient center NHC is tracking near the VA/NC line. 

Again I was here in the Western part of Ophelia

Ophelia proper indeed!

Stay tuned.
It'll be downgraded.
But it won't be over 
Tomorrow will be messy up that way
And chilly, cold and Fall is in sway

Besos Bobbistorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Old song
Was looking for something about Saturday Morning.
Woke up just after dawn... opened the windows
Lay covered, cuddled in bed
Staring at the wind and the trees dancing
Husband slept and I just stared, smiling.
It was a good morning.
Just got better and better :)
Yay Ophelia.
Tomorrow will be a messy day...
..up the coast.

I heard TD 17 got named. 


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