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Friday, September 15, 2023

TD 15 Forms ....Lee Making It's Move.... Margot Out At Sea Dancing... Nigel Forming in the Atlantic. Conerns on the Caribbean Down the Road. High Holidays and Hurricanes Alwys Go Together, It's True. September Remember...

TD 15 forecast to be Nigel Lower Right..
...yes a bit of a copy cat so far. 
Lee top left. Margot top right.

NHC Main Page.
Ha... I typed Maine had to correct it.
Isn't it ironic?
Full transparency here.
Let's look at the whole basin ...

Lee is sprawling in size, not as intense as it was and yet when you have an intense wind and wave maker, stirring up the surf and blasting land with winds strong enough to take down trees with multiple power outages across a wide area it's a BIG STORM. It's not Andrew or Katrina or Ian but it impacts a large area with a multiple array of possible problems and dangers. 

The Weather Channel began this morning with Chatham Mass and when I hear that town's name I think of a few things, but the one I'll mention here is Hurricane Bob. Way back before the many options of the Internet and Social Media we had TWC covering the storm that directly slammed parts of New England vs gracefully curving away out to sea. Bob was an August storm, summer time in strong sway... kids away at camp up in the Mtns... people at the beach and it formed from an area of disturbed weather off of Florida. You can see below the "beauty" of Bob, large, strong and similar to what Lee looked like down close to the Islands. Bob brought many people from New England to the Message Boards years later on AOL, as once you've been hit by a storm like Bob you always remember and watch the tropics a bit more clearly even in NE the way those in Miami are always watching down to their ESE to see what may come there way. People from Rhode Island never stop talking about Hurricane Bob, let's see if they will remember Lee.

Below is Lee

While BIG... don't see that tight eye.
Powerful, but what will NE see?
Hey 3 letters!
Maybe it's a New England thing...

The truth is I can't tell you what people will see as there are many unknowns concerning Lee and it's easy to say high surf... no let's say pounding surf or will they be long streamers with strength not imagined by a weakened storm and swells and sudden squalls that take down Grandma Mabel's favorite Oak tree. Power may go out in many places and hopefully people will take it seriously and ride it out as it'll be a fast, short ride as Lee is on it's way onto other places in Canada. NHC discussion shown below in quotation marks shows the possibilities that Lee may develop a strong area of winds on the West side of the Gulf of Maine. Geography matters in Maine and New England, for example while most look at Cape Cod and think "that's gonna get slammed from the South" the locals worry about the backwash from the North as Lee moves by, depending on where exactly Lee is moving and again there are so many questions. 

"During that time, the NHC intensity forecast is near 
the top end of the guidance suite, closest to the GFS and ECMWF 
solutions, and there is some possibility that a band of strong winds 
could develop near the front on the western side of the circulation 
over the Gulf of Maine."

If you live by the blue colors along the coast.
Play it safe with Lee.
As the reminder at the top says....
"hazardous conditions" can be outside the Cone.

It's not the eye we worry about with Lee.
Sea heights, cruise ships rerouted .....
Fishermen/fisherwomen losing much...
... not your Momma's Hurricane.

As for Margot showing this one Cone.
I should feel bad I ignored her but I don't.

So let's move on to the future systems.
Nigel is in theory forming any time now.
11 AM may be the charm.

Why yes that does look much like Lee.

Truth is we are on rinse and repeat in the tropics currently, that'll change at some point if and when the Caribbean wakes up as we move deeper into Fall. Waves will continue to roll off Africa for a bit, then our attention turns down to our Southwest as we watch what might form and what a strong, diving cold front may lift up towards landfall somewhere and so don't think hurricane season is over, hold onto your supplies, stay aware and keep on living the best life you can.

IF these long range ensemble models verify...
We have Atlantic spinners recurving away again.
We have to watch the Caribbean for land problems.
I'm using problems vs "impacts" let's be real.

As for me I cooked and baked yesterday making Pineapple Upside Down Noodle Pudding, Brisket (very small just me and my husband kids aren't in town) and today making chicken with a fig/berry/cherry/honey sauce on it. I made lots of sauces this year, very saucy mood I'm in so we have Apple Butter (home made) and last night I decided to try the Coffee Cardamon Honey Date sauce recipe (added last figs in too as well as a bit of bourbon) to put over rice pudding and non dairy vanilla ice cream. I made Honey Cakes (small ones) and maybe a small carrot cake today or carrot pudding, who knows I'm impulsive and cooking for me is more a form or art so I cook in real time even though I have a list.  

Since I was a small child in the synagogue for the High Holy Days of the Jewish New Year I watched Old Timers stare at the stained glass windows as the rain beat against i as rain does often in September and they looked very distracted and lost in thought always. I'd slip away from my mother (not easy) and run outside to stand under the little bit of cover there was by the front steps where the old timers gathered staring at the sky and the rain. And, some old man or woman would say"High Holidays and the Hurricane Season always go together" and they would all nod watching it fall reverantly. Years later I learned the Great Miami Category 4 Hurricane 1926 Hurricane slammed into Miami Beach on Yom Kippur as people walked thorugh what seemed flooding from the heavy rain to hear Kol Nidre and important prayer on the evening going into Yom Kippur; a song like prayer that goes back to the days of the Spanish Inquistion and that began in 1492 around when Columbus decided to sail off in search of a New World not worried that the world might be flat. Those Old Timers were the survivors of the storm that took hundreds of lives as people were washed away in storm surge and killed in the rubble of collapsing buildings. 

We can give thanks this did not happen this year!
Well, not yet.
Season isn't over.

I'll update later today if Nigel forms, if not I'll be back on Sunday evening when the holiday is over and I probably will have gained 5 lbs because we eat "sweet things" often while hoping to have a sweet year. A sweet year to me will be happy times with my family and friends, good travels with my husband and hopefully lots of snow falling in North Caorlina where I live today and hopefully one good storm at the beach I can go and enjoy watching the surf, winds and feeling alive as I do in a storm at the ocean. Okay, I feel alive at a storm anywhere but nothing like being at Wrightsville Beach in a storm or down in the Florida Keys watching a strong squall line race in with dangling waterspouts. Sushi is good too .... and bourbon and hamburgers with onion rings!

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps I'd be at the beach today here watching waves but it's a long drive and we are helping with the dinner tonight, okay my husband has been cooking for 2 days there at Chabad but I'll help more tonight and tomorrow and well the season is far from over and then there's WINTER! And, I so love winter storms... any storms.  That's why I'm BobbiStorm get it :)

Have a sweet, good, healthy, happy, productive year doing what you love!

My best friend Sharon loved Maine.
She spent her summers at Wells Beach in Maine.
She loved James Taylor so this is for her.
As is Lee LOL

I went to Maine to visit Sharon in Portland.
Spent a long January weekend....
...there was a snow storm.
Was beautiful.

Weather is beautiful ...
... something about a snow falling or a hurricane blowing.
It makes you feel closer to God.
It makes you feel inspired.
Is that awesome.
I really gotta stop saying "something about"
adding in "looks like" but it looks like heaven.

Thanks for following along with me...
..on my daily road trip thorugh weather and life.


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